PX-740A vs. PX-760A

HI there, I’m looking to buy a PX-760A but can’t seem to find it in any stores near me. so maybe i should get the 740A. what is the difference between the two? and is the 740A a real plextor drive or a branded drive?



the 740 is a Benq rebadge, if I remember correctly. 760 is a real Plextor drive.


As mciahel said, the PX-740A is a re-badge, based on the BenQ DW 1640. The PX-760A is very hard to find anymore. Ebay is probably your last hope or old stock in some brick and mortar.

If you’re in the US, microcenter.com still carries it online. I’ve had both drives. Both are great, but the 740 didn’t score too well on dual layer scans. 760 is the way to go. Since they’re getting scarce, I’m thinking of picking up a 2nd one just in case.

ok i bought my brand new PX-760A last night. I haven’t installed it yet.

where did you bought ? and $ ??? :slight_smile:

I went to my local Microcenter and found 2 on the shelves along w/ a ton of 755SA. I went ahead and picked up an extra 760a. $119