PX-740A Problems (please advise!)

I had 2 Sony DRU-710A drives in my PC, so I upgraded one of them to Plextor PX-740A. Results are horrible :frowning: I wasn’t able to write any Dual Layer DVD+Rs with Plextor, it keeps failing in the middle of the write. Just to be sure I tried buring with Sony and it worked great, rebooted tried Plextor, failed. One thing I noticed is that drive’s interal Cache constantly jumps goes below 50%. Sony drive doesn’t.
I just tried a Diagnostic Write test with PlexTools, and while writing on 16x media I only got 7.79x avarage speed :frowning:

Now about my controller. I’m using SiI 0680 ATA 133 PCI IDE controller (Becuase this server doesn’t have build in IDE that works with faster drives). Plextor sits on IDE2 and Sony on IDE1, both are masters and there are no other devices on IDE controller card.
I have tried to swap drives and put Plextor on IDE1 and Sony on IDE2, but after that card’s BIOS will initialize Plextor but will freeze when trying to initialize Sony. I disconnected plextor and Sony was succesfully initialized.
Please help me, what else can I try?


This does not work for me becase I have an EXTERNAL PCI IDE Controller card, and it does not have DMA options in the Device Manager (it’s shows up under SCSII devices)
Here’s a screen shot of write test result on 16x DVD+R Media (Verbatim). Red is Plextor, Green is Sony, both on the same controller, but different IDE master channels…

Do you have the latest 1.02 firmware? http://www.plextor.be/technicalservices/downloads/firmw_740A.asp?choice=DVD-Recorders

The red write graph shows that the 740A wrote it at 8x.

Yes, firmware upgrade is the first thing I did… I just tried removing Sony drive completely, changing to a different channel, removing RAID jumper from PCI card… nothing helps :frowning: I’m going to try putting this drive to another PC which has IDE controler build in to the motherboard…

Ah, you have the RAID version of SiI 680 controller. I have no luck with this one but the non-RAID one is fine for me.

Yup, it’s controller… I put drive into PC with built in controller and got normal 16x speed… Could someone recommend PCI IDE controller that will definately work with PX-740A?

SiI 680 non-RAID should work but I’m not 100% sure because I never tried it on PX-740A.