PX-740A, Interesting Problems

Sorry if I’ve missed any relevant old threads. A quick forum search didn’t seem to bring anything up anything directly relevant.

Yes, I know this drive is a rebadged BenQ 1640.

What happens is sometimes the drive will not respond to the Eject button. This happens sometimes when it’s shut and sometimes when it’s open.

When it’s stuck shut, lightly pressing the emergency-eject will get it working properly again. When it’s stuck open, just giving the front face of the tray a litle nudge does the trick.

Also, using Exact Audio Copy with AccurateRip, it seems it never rips the last track of a CD accurately. I don’t hear any audible error, and the position EAC tells me the error is at is the very last second of the last track.

I’m wondering if anybody else with this drive has seen these problems and if there is anything to be done about them.

  1. The eject problem has been a BenQ “feature” for a while. Never quite know why it does it but sometimes my DW1655 also fails to eject. As you pointed out a light press of the emerg eject springs it back into life.

  2. Have you entered the correct offsets for your drive in EAC. If not then its possible the drive is trying to read past the last track (because it thinks its still reading the audio track) and this causes the error. Doubt it will do any harm and EAC should fill up the corruption with blank samples.