PX-740A inside pictures and quality scans!

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I just received this drive for reviewing purposes for a Greek site and i thought i should share some pics and results here first. I guess we all know it is a BenQ drive by now (1640). I dont think the BenQ drive is out yet, (is it?) so some scans are in order :slight_smile:

Here are some pics of the drive and its insides:

And here are some first scans with some TY +R media. Very impressing indeed!

I will post more scans with different media as i proceed with the test :slight_smile:

Hi Hemispan,

Thanks for the scans and screenshots.

AFAIK, not too many people owns PX-740 because the price is more than twice compare to BenQ DW1640. The DW1640 has been out for a while (2 months). You can see threads all over the place in BenQ forum.

I know its been out here in europe, i did have the impression it wasnt out in the US or that it was released later for what its worth. Anyways, it doesnt matter.

PS: Oh and its Hemispasm not Hemispan :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, sorry Hemispasm. :slight_smile:

In case you’re interested, digitaldoc posted his review over at Live Digitally http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=144962

Oh btw, you forgot to tell us what firmware you burned the TY02 with. Maybe 1.02?

Looking forward to seeing more scans!

Nice scans Hemi ! :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
Lovely :iagree:
But I can’t help wondering how long before you crossflash to 1640.
Plextor charge extra for the advantages of tweaks that come as a result of f/w. However if you plan using Plextools, you’ll be disapointed. None of the Q aspects really function. AutoStrategy does not / will not feature ever.
Solid Burn & OverSpeed are not options for this Plextor dressed 1640.
F/w releases in total so far 1.
I think Plextor are fobbing people off with this drive as they don’t seem interested in explioting its full potential. Perhaps for them this is a stop gap for something coming later. Or of course despite the price hike they’re not prepared to pay Philips for the use of Solid Burn which kicks AutoStrategy into the dark ages.
In case you think I’m anti Plextor. They were the only CDR / DVDRW I used until about 12 months ago & still rate them as good. But at the moment the opposition is better.
eg. Plextor 740 typical UK cost £45 Features fairly basic
BenQ 1640 typical UK cost £30 Features far more comprehensive

Does it already exist?


Not yet to the public, but who knows? Some reviewers can get beta firmware before us. Also, its brother BenQ 1640 already ahead of 740 regarding firmware releases. Since 740A 1.01 there are DW1640 BSKB, BSKC and the latest BSLB.

That band of PIFs above 5 on the second scan is a little thicker than a “spike”, and doesn’t impress me in the least. Especially not with that media.

It’s technically a “coaster”.

Karr: Get with the program … most people speak decimal these days, not hex.

All true… I was hoping that you knew something that we don’t… :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s technically a “coaster”.
Even if one does not consider it a spike, its pretty far from being called a coaster,even technically speaking. Frankly, it is a good burn :slight_smile:

From the CDFreaks Plextor FAQ:


Q: What do these graphs mean, have I burned a “coaster”?
A: Some people think the graphs have no “real world” use because poor scan results are often still playable, without skipping or “pixelation”, in a set-top DVD Player. However, Plextools shows a darker line at the 280 PIE level and at the 4 PIF level on the graph scales. These are the maximum number of PIE and PIF errors in the recordable DVD specification, and most consider a scan exceeding these values to be a “coaster”.

If you don’t believe us, ECMA-337 (Section 29, page 74) states:

“- In any ECC Block the number of PI-uncorrectable rows should not exceed 4.”

Whether the disc is readable or not, it’s clearly outside specification and a terrible burn on quality Taiyo Yuden media that many other burners do significantly better on.

ECMA web site: http://www.ecma-international.org/memento/index.html

I just looked again at that second scan scan and it has that “Chrysler Building” look that I associate with dust or other imperfections; have a close look under a bright light. The first scan is really good, excellent in fact. It also has only 47 PIF total where the second one has almost 6000 :eek: which is quite high even if you don’t go along with the max 4 PIF total rule :slight_smile:

Sorry just saw your reply :slight_smile:

Believe me i know off the FAQ and have read the ECMA files many times :wink: I dont consider though any burn to be a coaster if it slightly exceeds the 4PIF limit, unless it is accompanied by a big block - but that is my opinion on the matter, you dont have to agree :slight_smile:

Anyways, having made lots of burns with this drive, i have found the following behaviour to be strange - it burns in random speed media with the same MID of the same batch. Examples

Verbatim 16x media MCC004 are burned at anything between 4x and 16x, depending on the disc. No specific pattern followed

RitekG05s either Datawrites or Ridiscs are burned sometimes at 8x sometimes at 4x

It doesnt even try higher speeds and lowers down due to WOPC or something, it just starts at 4x and finishes at 4x - i dont get it. There are other examples too but these 2 came first to mind. Any guesses?

Geez, no, I can’t explain the speed variations offhand. Are you using Nero CDSPeed Create Data Disc or burning actual files? If the latter, it could be a hard disc-defragging issue but could also be WOPC not liking that media (Ritek G05 can be variable to say the least). If you do a CDSpeed Create Data Disc and post the graph, it would at least rule one thing (WOPC) in or out.

As I understand it, the Plex firmware for the 740 is quite old versions of the original Philips firmware and I don’t think they’ve been updated in quite some time. You might want to try cross-flashing it to more recent BenQ 1640 firmware like BSLB or BSMB. At the very least, you’ll get new strategies for newer media, and possibly some refinement in existing strategies.

I think at least some of the 740 owners here have cross-flashed to BenQ and been very satisfied, for whatever that’s worth. Also, the BenQ firmware opens up a whole new world of Solidburn (similar to AutoStrategy), MSCE (strategy swapping), and CDSpeed scanning. Lots of “Read This First” stickies in the BenQ forum about cross-flashing and the new tools.

As for disagreements, that’s part of the fun here, no? :bigsmile: