PX-740A available at newegg.com, $95-$97



Beige, $91 + $4 shipping: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827131355
Black, $93 + $4 shipping: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827131354

Not recommending it, just stating the fact that the first, overpriced BenQ DW1640s have arrived to our shores! I will wait for the 1640, a.k.a. the real thing :slight_smile:


thanks agent009. It seems that people here is more interested on something else rather than this new release. :slight_smile:


$91 for an OEM unit??? :eek: :eek: :eek:
And of top of that is not even a pLEXTOR … its a BenQ rebadge … pLEXTOR has gone completely mad!

You can get a NEC for half that price …


Well… the Plextor sticker on the drive is worth 30$. =)


Only if you buy beige one :smiley:


I’m waiting to see how many members admit to buying it. We all need a good laugh once in a while.


Do they sell bezels alone? Get DW1640 and replace the bezels with Plextor ones.


But then the drive would still be recognized by Windows as a Plextor drive. Plextor will undoubtedly have their own firmware version for this alleged BenQ drive.

Edit, it’s the other way around of course, didn’t read properly :o The BenQ would still be recognized as a BenQ and not a Plextor :stuck_out_tongue:


The firmware story should be interesting. Do you wait for Plextor to keep up with BenQ 1640 firmware, or take the risk (of voiding the warranty) and flash it to BenQ retail firmware? This drive probably isn’t aimed at the mad-flasher crowd anyway…


go with the benq and flash the plextor firm.
Thats save 30.-!


YSS the japanese guy has bought the PX-740 which is his 73rd DVD drive and says that it doesnt show up as PX-740 on his system anymore but its still working fine which means that he succesfully flashed it to…well he doesnt tell at the moment. More information on this drive is to follow on his page later.
http://homepage2.nifty.com/yss/dvd7.htm for a pic of the drive
More news to follow at:


DW1640 is hot… and not so cheap…

Is Plextor 740 underpriced ? :bigsmile:


Severely overpriced.
99 Singapore dollars = 59 US dollars.


:eek: Ok! I understand…
Something like 48 euros.


this is big joke TIME!!

well i’ll get a BENQ 1640…other than this Crap over price stuff

and flash it to PX740 …hehe


BenQ has a big office in Singapore (like Dell and so many others.) Guess how many people in Singapore buy PX-716A? :slight_smile:


so now plextor feels the need to also pollute the entry level with garbage?


IMO it may be plextors best DVD burner yet, unless they screw up the firmware. :eek:


here’s a new slogan plextor should start avertising it’ll increase sales indeferently


BENQ DW1640 in Malaysia only = RM210 :smiley:

*1yr warranty