PX-740 to Benq 1640, drawbacks?


I generally try to find answers on my own by searching, but here I’m a bit lost. :doh: :o

I wonder if cross-flashing a Plextor 740A to Benq 1640 allows:

  1. Scanning with CD Speed
  2. Use of Benq tools

And in general what could be the drawbacks to use a crossflashed 740A instead of a “genuine” Benq 1640.

I see the question coming: why on earth would I buy a 740A instead of a 1640? Because I have a “gift coupon” from a shop that only sells Plextor drives, and the 740A is rather cheap there…

Opinions? Experiences? Advice? Hints? :bow: :flower: - thanks in advance!

This is all I could find to help. It would seem to me that the steps were really to flash a 740 to a 1640. But, you might need to ask Zevia or Dalen Quaice (or someone else who could tell you) for more specific instructions if you need them).

AFAIK, crossflashing to a 1640 would let you do the burn scanning with CD-Speed and use QSuite2.0. Since the 740 is a BenQ1640 with only a Plextor sticker on it, I don’t forsee any drawbacks to crossflashing it to a 1640.

Actually, seems better to have a full 1640 than the 740. Here’s why (look at the comparison scans).

CMC MAG E01-00 @ 8x (740 then as 1640)

PIE (mx./tot)------12/31159--------10/19945
PIF (mx./tot)------7/1500----------7/977
Jitter (mx./total)–7.98/9.5%-------8.74/11.3%

MCC003 @ 8x

PIE (mx./tot)------8/7010---------8/4210
PIF (mx./tot)------4/551----------15/755
Jitter (mx./total)–8.23/9.7%------8.36/10.8%

MCC004 @ 12x

PIE (mx./tot)------7/8222--------10/24145
PIF (mx./tot)------4/91----------6/869
Jitter (mx./total)–8.57/9.5%-----8.80/10.1%


PIE (mx./tot)------8/9913-------9/13013
PIF (mx./tot)------6/830--------6/670
Jitter (mx./total)–7.47/9.7%----7.44/8.7%

yuden000t02-00 @ 8x

PIE (mx./tot)------8/12630-----7/7559
PIF (mx./tot)------7/2347------4/197
Jitter (mx./total)–8.34/10.4%–8.18/9.4%

Obviously, a full 1640 is better, especially since you will have

  1. better and more frequent f/w updates;
  2. overall better quality writing than the 740; and
  3. full scanning capability with the 1640.

Add to this that even with the ‘buggy’ BSIB f/w, as a 1640, the results were overall better than the 740 with Plextor f/w. So, if Plextor had “improved” by designing a better f/w, we would see some proof right here. However, I’d have no reservations about crossflashing that to a 1640. As I’ve seen, my 1640 outperforms my 716a in so many areas (write strats and quality burns, most notably).

Thanks for the QS figures, the link and the advice Quema34 :slight_smile:

Now I’ll find the rest on my own :wink:



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Desperate to crossflash my Plextor 740a to Benq 1640.But im clueless.Need guidance and instuctions,Please help.

Try searching :iagree:

My experience from a PX-740 to a DW1640 was not favorsble.
The write quality was not good and previously scanned discs which scanned fine on my Lite-On really scanned awful on the PX-740==>DW1640.

Needless to say it went back to the shop for a refund.

Now my DW1655 Retail has been flawless so far.

I’m through with OEMs.

I crossflashed my 740A to the 1640 and it still going strong never had any problems so far.

No problems with my crossflash either.

Nor with the HI-VAL rebadges either. I have 2 of them crossflashed to DW1640, and they are great.
They’re all 1640, just a different box, different firmware. Once flashed, just like a retail 1640 imo.

Ditto, no problems, it may be my imagination but I think the Plextor 740 flashed to BenQ1640 is giving me better results than the other two real 1640s I have.

NO problems here.

No problems with the Crossflash here either. It burns just as well as my “true” 1640’s.

I tryed the crossflasing to Benq 1640,i did worked but ran the same test,the same movie the same media and now takes 25 min.Using nero 6.3 dvd copy.Still dont get it,My lite on with slower media 4x on the fly was 15 min.Dont know is the crossflas was done correctly.I used BQ flasher.firmware BSMB,instead of BSNB.
Now says( BenQ DVD DD DW1640).I just wanted more speed and a little more quality.Well dont have no idea what happened,all of them work like that? or is just mine that came defective.

Hi :slight_smile:
Check your other posts as well as your PMs.
BTW BSNB is flawed so try BSMB or BSOB.

Funny that this old thread of mine has been digged out… :bigsmile:
Since I created it, I’m on my third Benq 1640 unit… maybe I should have bought the Plextor version, after all.

O/T @Francksoy, I am guessing you got your replacement BenQ 1640??

Not yet! :a - 3 weeks… I don’t have much nice things to say about the local Benq service.

This will probably stop me from buying another Benq drive in the future… :rolleyes: Unlike some others here, I can’t just consider them as “disposable” :disagree:

Thanks for asking, cheers :slight_smile: