PX-740 End of Life (JP)

Plextor direct shop Japan announces end of sales of the 740: https://www.plextor-direct.net/cgi-bin/WebObjects/plextor

The PX-750 is named as successor product.

IMHO a bad move. Except for RAM support the 750 looks overall inferior to the 740 to me.

They may not have had a lot of choice. BenQ looks to be shifting to the 1650, yet strangely no one has seen one yet. Some online shops are running out of 1640s and one shipped a DQ-60 to a CDFreak in its place. And, of course, the DQ60 isn’t really a BenQ at all, it’s a TEAC DV-W516E (and AKA Plextor PX-750 just to confuse things even more).

Personally, I really dislike this whole “rebadge” business by ODD manufacturers, and regardless of who does it. I can understand “HiValue” and “Maddog” doing it (because they don’t actually manufacture anything), but Plextor and BenQ?

Hell, let’s all do it. I’ll give my CDF login info to drpino and crossg and they can write all my future posts for me. :a

:clap: :bigsmile:

LOL, you definitely don’t want that :disagree: :wink:

hmm, maybe my 740 will be worth something as a collectors item :slight_smile:

Even moreso because it probably won’t have burned out like most of the 716A’s from that generation :wink: