Px-740 Crossflash

I’am planning to crossflash my PX-740A to DW 1640. does anyone know if there is a way to save the existing firmware and eeprom?

740 firmware are available on Plextor site.
I think I read BQFLasher can flash back , but I’m not sure ?

zerocool_, you can’t “save” your firmware, and you’ll have to use Plex .CVT firmware to “go back” once you flashed with BenQ DW1640 firmware. :slight_smile:

You can find Plex 740 cvt’s here (make sure you use M$ Explorer and you’ll have to sign in on that page).

Opera works as well but Firefox doesn’t :eek:

No need of this URL when you can extract the .cvt by yourself (from the original Plextor file, 740A102.exe) , using just WinRAR :

Thank you very much for your replies, I have flashed it DW1640 and it is awesome to have all the scanning features back as I sold my DW 1655 recently due to it’s high coaster percentage.

zerocool_, hope you’re happy with BenQ DW1640 firmwares and tools. :wink:

:slight_smile: Right. I’ve seen that before but forgot it. Thanks for reminding us.

You have to dl and install Firefox IE Tab, then you’ll be able open that link.

absolutely brother. However, the stupid dumb Plextor enclosure doesn’t allow scanning, errors at booktype commands, and it’s burst rate has gone down from 27 to 20 mbps. which I think cd/dvd is reporting false. cause, it is actively burning at 16X.

       And also my samsung is not able to burn discs in that enclosure which I believe is due to the case erroring at book type commands. DW 1640 issues an error However S182D just scribbles nonsense coastering the disc.

Don’t know anything about Plextor enclosures, sorry. :sad:
But you can trust burst speed displayed by cd dvd speed.

In general all enclosures are limited by the speed of USB2 bus. To ensure proper burns you can try to flash your “1640” with EW164B firmware. (Unfortunately all 164B firmwares are also rather old.)