PX-716UFL and PX-740UF



News from www.dvd-recordable.net:

Press Release: Plextor today announces two new 16x external DVD rewriters - the PX-716UFL and PX-740UF. In a departure from its usual silver and mirrored finish, Plextor has for the first time designed them both in a stylish matt black chassis. In addition, the PX-716UFL is the company’s first external slot loading drive.

The new drives are designed for today’s PC, movie and audio enthusiasts to complement the trend for black PC cases. The slot loading PX-716UFL has a particularly stylish chassis including a minimalist front face. For extra flexibility, both drives can be positioned vertically and offer dual interface connections - both USB 2.0 and FireWire.

PX-716UFL While the two units offer similar recording speeds, they are aimed at different sectors within the market. The high-end PX-716UFL, pictured right, is for professional users and comes with a much larger 8MB buffer, 16x +/- single layer DVD writing and up to 6x dual layer DVD writing. This drive features a high quality slot loading mechanism, which supports the regular 12 cm discs as well as 8 cm discs. In addition, it also includes the following extra features:

Intelligent Recording - a self-learning technology, where the drive automatically creates a writing strategy for new media in the market, or to improve writing quality on poor quality media

GigaRec - allows recording up to 1GB on 99 minute CDs

SecureRecording - password protection (CD)

VariRec - adjusts laser power for professional recordings (CD & DVD)

Silent Mode - adjusts rotation speed and tray speed for silent operation

Q-Check functions - several functions to test quality of media and recordings on CD and DVD

Slot loading: Advantage; no tray, also works with 8cm media

The PX-740UF is a mid-market drive designed for the cost-conscious buyer who does not want to compromise on speed. It offers 16x +/- single layer DVD writing and up to 8x dual layer DVD writing.

As a result, it does not come with the extra features listed above, however both drives include Buffer Underrun Proof Technology as usual.

See also: http://www.plextor.be/products/px-716ufl.asp?choice=PX-716UFL and http://www.plextor.be/products/px-740uf.asp?choice=PX-740UF


i hav been waiting for this AL series. sold my 716 very long time ago.


That PX-716UFL drive looks sweet! In my barebone I couldn’t use the PX-716AL but as an external drive this problem is eliminated :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting articulate, I have made a news item on these new DVD recorders on the frontpage as well.