PX-716UF Vs. PX-740UF

We all know the PX-740UF is on the market. The new approach of reducing cost on this external burner is driven to increase sales! However, for power users like us, we will be losing some of the “extra” goodies.

The major disappointment is the buffer decrease from 8Mb to 2Mb. So, since the PX-716UF is no longer available / produced, I was debating if I should buy the last PX-716UF at Best Buy for $179.

I am NOT impressed with the PX-740UF, and it acutally disappoints me as a Plextor customer to see the major features reduced due to cutting cost and driving sales.

So, what is your opinion on this drive, and if you would purchase another PX716UF, or just HOLD off?

Lastly, I own the PX-712UF and feel it is excellent. Not only can I make 12X copies on 8X media, but it never proved me wrong.


How about a Plextor 760?

It`s a matter of days, to reach the stores…;-))


I don’t think the PX-716UF is no longer produced; just that BB isn’t carrying them anymore. Plenty of other places have them.

that’s the way the 740(UF) (BenQ 1640) is supposed to be positioned…for the more mainstream/lower budgeted/non-power-user…

Hmm, The 740 is for the mainstream user as stated, but not the BenQ 1640. The BenQ 1640, with QSuite2.0 and Quality Scanning ability, is for the power user. Don’t forget Solidburn = Autostrategy, WOPC settings = PoweRec, Overspeed, etc. :wink: Of course the BenQ lacks the advanced cd processing features found in Plextor.

indeed…just pointing out the true origins of the drive…