PX-716UF TLA 0202 now shipping



Here’s the latest from the sales force at Plextor:

[b]Hello Bob,

Yes, the current PX-716UF drives shipping should have the latest TLA 0202.

Thank you for your interest in Plextor products.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays!

Plextor Sales[/b]


how Much?



Best Buy lists them for $219.99. It may take a while for the supply of TLA 0101 drives to dry up. I’d be hesistant to order one on-line because you might get the older version of the drive.


TLA 0203 is already shipping via Newegg.com

much cheaper than BB as well.
146.99-$30 rebate = 116.99

I ordered and received it on Monday. Works like a charm.


Here in the netherlands the TLA 0202 allready availeble from dec 2004 with firmware 1.03

I have 3 of them only internals


The actual PX-716UF is selling on Newegg.com for $205.99 + $6 Fedex shipping. There are no customer reviews for it yet, so I don’t know what TLA# it is.