PX-716UF recognizes drive but not disc

I have a brand new PX-716UF but havent been able to get it to work, it came with a blank dvd-r and software including Roxio, after all was installed i tryed it with the plextor dvdr and the drag to disc feature but it kept saying no disc. it shows the drive under my computer but wont recognize any disc. i just ran the self test and it failed that. the manual says two green blinks is an initialization error. is there anything i can do before i just take it back?

if the self test fails, it’s best to return/exchange. sounds like a defective drive or one damaged in shipping.

Ditto what drpino said.

I’m not fond of the Roxio package either. When all I wanted was a simple burn utility, it insists on installing an entire suite of software apps for video, photo and music. That wouldn’t not be so bad, except that it replaced some of my directX9, directshow codecs used by other programs, with Roxio codecs that don’t work as well.

If you decide to uninstall Roxio, go back and do a system restore to an earlier point that predates the installation of the Roxio suite. Then use something like Nero, that’s simple and doesn’t hijack other directshow filters. My $0.02

interesting Tom…i’ve got Nero, the Roxio suite and a plethora of other authoring/transcoding/burning apps installed simultaneously and haven’t encountered any serious conflicts. i burned 1 disc with Roxio and that’s enough for me to know i don’t want/need it…gonna uninstall it as soon as i get back to my PCs.