PX-716UF not reading ANY discs

I just got the 716UF at Best Buy. It is recognized by XP, but doesn’t read any discs. I tried DVDs, CDs, cd-roms, cd-rs, etc. The yellow light comes on for a second, but the disc is not acknowledged and doesn’t play. So I exchanged the drive for another one, and I had a guy in the computer department test the drive before I bought it. It worked fine on their PCs, read all discs he put in it. But on my PC it still doesn’t read any discs. So I installed Plextools by using another drive to load the install CD, and I’ve looked through there but don’t see anything that would prevent the drive from reading discs (and why would it be that way straight from the factory anyway?) Also, both drives have firmware 1.01. Didn’t help.

I’ve been through two new factory-sealed units, you so have to figure the problem is on my PC, not in the drives. Anyone know what could cause this? By the way, all other external drives work on my system, so it’s not a USB or firewire or cable issue. If no one can help, I’m gonna have to return this drive again and give up on it. There’s no way two new drives would have this problem unless Plextor’s QC is terrible.

Update: I did a self-test, without the drive connected to the PC. The self-test failed to run or recognize any discs, even Plextor’s included blank DVD-R. So that means the two new drives I got from Best Best Buy are both defective. I guess this also means the Best Buy guy didn’t really test the unit, as he said he did. I am returning it and I can’t recommend this unit to anyone, unless you want to keep buying and returning them until you find one that works. Although, it’s possible the problem might be only within the units shipped to that particular Best Buy. But why take a chance for $229?

Yeah, but what about this part:

So I exchanged the drive for another one, and I had a guy in the computer department test the drive before I bought it. It worked fine on their PCs, read all discs he put in it.

That usually points back to one’s own PC/setup. Are you sure it’s not a cable problem (ie. by trying a different one)?

How do you do a self-test with one o’ them thar UF external units, anyway? Seriously … I’m curious.

Not a cable issue - is recognized fine with either firewire or USB. Windows sees the drive, but the drive itself doesn’t read discs. That can be kind of a problem if you want to do anything with the drive.

There’s a self-test switch on the back. You turn it on, remove the USB or firewire cable, and shut the unit off. Then you turn it back on while holding the eject button. Put in a blank disc and it will either do a test write, or blink 3 times indicating it doesn’t recognize the disc (or doesn’t work at all). It didn’t recognize any discs I put in. Plextor really ought to make these things work, because it’s a lot of money for a fancy decoration. I think the way they’re doing this is, you pay $229 for the non-working unit, then call them up and for another $229, they’ll send you firmware to make it read discs. And then for another $50, they’ll make it write. If you don’t want to pay the extra money, you can always use it as an electronic beverage holder.

lol… I can’t think what kind of beverage you will put on an 230 dollars holder…

There are two models of the 716UF: one reads and burns discs (after you install firmware 9.99, which will be released in February 2015.) The other model, in stores now, is not for use with PCs; it just blinks at you and holds beverages. You put it beside you on the table when you watch football games, and it will serve your beer or lemonade to you when you press the button. Problem is, it’s not specified on the box which model you get. It’s a chance you have to take, if you have any money left on your credit card. (nah, I’m not bitter!)

Update: I spoke with a Plextor tech, who informed me he is seeing a “trend” of 716UF bad drives - straight out of the box! He said it’s a simple test: if the green light doesn’t come on after a disc is inserted, then it’s a bad drive - period! After two duds in a row, I recommend that you do not buy this drive - it’s a major risk. With this kind of incompetent quality control, who knows how it would burn, even if you were lucky enough to get a working unit.

I think the trend is more to do with the 716, and not specifically the UF, although DOA (dead on arrival) units are a new wrinkle in the ongoing 716 saga. Thanks for the advice and sorry your experience has been nasty.

2 days ago I bougt the internal version of the px-716a for EUR 117,- in Version TLA#0202. When I connected it to a low-cost external USB-to-IDE case it was recognized as px-716UF. Burned already four DVD+R media and one CD-RW without any problems.
the external case cost just 39,- Euros.

Damn… I Preorder mine through Plextor Shop on-line… Is this why there is a hold up in Plextor Store online?

I hope when I get mine this problem will be fixed! I am from Canada… I don’t wanted to ship this crap back and forth!


I had an RMA experience; shipping through Canada Post was only $8 and Memofix (Plex warranty company) pays the shipping back. Total turnaround was only 5 days, including a weekend, so it’s not so bad. Good luck with your new 716.

An argument against an external noname enclosure like mine: Yesterday I tryed to burn with 12x speed. The recorder buffer level was always going down and up. So, my external case won’t be ideal for speeds higher than 8x… :a :Z But I still have to try more tests.

In Austria you can already order a px-716a - it’s on stock. Look here