PX-716UF ... much help needed



Just got this drive in a charity shop, a few questions:

  1. The adapter appears to be 12V 600mA - is that enough??

  2. Found some firmware (1.11), but is it the same for this as for internal?

  3. Also found a download of Plextools 3.16XL

Beginning to suspect that the PSU is wrong though, not hooked it up yet, as from what I’ve seen of replacements, they look like 2A units, so the 600mA may fry itself and possibly the drive as well.

Not sure if I have a beefier multivoltage that does 2A.


Hi Matth.
I would not use that PSU :disagree:, see below.

The following are copied from the PX-716UF user manual.
USB & Firewire interface both *Typical power consumption [B]23w[/B]

Standby [B]500 mA[/B]
CD/DVD Read/Write [B]1.7A[/B]
Pause [B]1.0A[/B]
Peak [B]2.8A[/B]*These parameters were not yet confirmed at the time this manual was published.

Original PSU for the PX-716UF (data taken from the PSU itself)Input: [B]100V[/B]-[B]240V~[/B], [B]0.75A[/B]-[B]0.4A[/B], [B]50Hz[/B]-[B]60Hz[/B]
Output: [B]12V 3.0A[/B]Firmware is the same for the [B]PX-716A[/B], [B]PX-716SA[/B] and [B]PX-716UF[/B]
Original Plextor executable firmware [B]v1.11[/B] size: [B]719 921[/B] bytes.

I do not use Plextools XL anymore as it puts too much load on my Windows XP ripstation (Pentium 4 monocore) :slight_smile:


Well if we had upvote… yes I thought is was suspiciously low.

So I need a 12V pin positive, 3A peak PSU, or make a molex adapter and bleed power from the PC to test it … I could press my ham radio PSU into service - normally 13.8V but variable so can be tweaked down to dead on 12V


Can’t edit… Found a reasonable priced one with 5.5 x 2.5mm, looks about the same size - it seems these are also common as monitor PSUs … now my friend had a dead monitor, but the PSU has probably been chucked - and the charity shop may have mistaken it for a monitor PSU


Got a bigger PSU - and it lives … a bit erratic, but maybe it’s a bit sticky if it hasn’t been used … got it to do a full scan, but it seems very slow to recognize a disc.
The scan seemed ok, a cheap pressed audio CD registered a steady level of C1 and just a few C2 - and if the drive was reading badly, that would have been worse.

Firmware updated, was way back on 1.02, so now it has 1.11


I’m happy it all sorted out.
Keep in mind though, the 716 is picky when it comes to CD-R.


It is really, REALLY slow to recognize anything.

But the scans seem ok, surely if the pickup was poor, it would scan badly, but half the time, it just does not want to accept a disc.


That doesn’t necessary mean the pick-up is in good condition.
I have two 755A drives and one of them is a pickier reader, but both of them give coasters if I am trying to burn at maximum speed. (on quality discs)
Both pick-ups are poor.
And yes, one of them takes longer to recognize the discs.