PX-716UF Min System Requirements

Hello all,

I’m a newbie and so this’ll sound like a newbie question:

The box mentions that I need a minimum Pentium 4 1.4 Ghz or equivalent. I currently have a laptop with a 1.6 Ghz Centrino. Will the Centrino work?

Another question, I’ve read in several threads that achieving 16X with an external drive is almost impossible to do. If so, how can Plextor be selling this drive advertising the 16X speed?

In any case, I plan on using firewire and got this drive since I’m still somewhat hesitant about getting an NEC drive with a firewire enclosure.

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Welcome to the forum raytwo,

Plextor is selling the drive as a 16x drive as it can reach 16x. So, even if the interface was too slow, the drive is able to reach this speed. Anyway, I agree with you though that burning at 16x via an external enclosure is quite difficult, especially via USB 2.0. I have an AMD64 system myself but my PX-712UF can only reach around 10x when ripping a DVD-Video disc via USB 2.0 so the interface cannot keep up with the drive. FireWire should be more stable but I haven’t tested this myself. Maybe someone else can add some more info on this matter.

raytwo, I have a laptop with Centrino 1.6Ghz and I read somewhere (also tested) that it’s equivalent to P4 2.4Ghz, so your system should meet the requirements. Good luck.

Yeah, I believe PCMagazine did an article on Centrino processors running faster than their labeled speeds. You should be okay. After all, there are not many laptops out there faster than a Centrino 1.6 Ghz! Having 512 megs of Ram in your laptop likely helps too.

Here’s a link to Intel Processors and their clock speeds. However these speeds are as mentioned slower than reality.


PX-716UF for about US$270 in South Korea.

Pictures from DBnawa, a sub-site of danawa.co.kr.

The PX-702UF2 is out now. They lable it as limited edition. I got one for Xmas and have been playing nicely with it since. From what I have read it is a stripped down version of the 712 series. I think the only min requirements would be an OS of Win98 witih USB support, and likely a linux OS with a Kernal of 1.4.2 or sometihng with USB support and a min processor speed and HD space. I would think buffer underrun protection would help if processor speed was slow and HD speed was lacking.

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Kenshin writes:

PX-716UF for about US$270 in South Korea

Whew, that’s steep. To think I got the PX-716A and a free 50pk of Fuji 8x DVD-R media for $69.99 after mail in rebates from PCConnection. I hope some of you guys got in on that, it was a great deal.


I would have to agree with the “impossible” assesment.

I use a notebook: 2.4 GHz P4, 5400 RPM HDD with a 16MB buffer, 1-GB DDR.
Normally, I have two printers, a scanner, an external HDD, and an SD card reader plugged in via a USB 2.0 hubs.
For faster burning, all that stuff gets unplugged, and my external 712A (in a good enclosure) is the only thing plugged into USB.
It is best to reboot as well, so as to insure Windows re-allocates all USB resources to the burner.
I have not been able to achieve a solid 10X burn, but 8X is no problem.
I do, occasionally, get reads that fast with my Samsung (supposed to be 16X) ROM that I use as a ripper.
I do not really see a 1394 connection being any faster, but perhaps it’s more stable.
Nor would I see where a processor faster than 700 MHz could make any difference… I run SysMetrix which continuously displays CPU usage, and I can tell you burning DVDs doesn’t use much processor resources at all (7-12% with an occasional blip to 20%?).

I would be very interested, though, to hear from somebody who is using a desktop unit with an external burner on its own USB 2.0 PCI card to know what speed is possible there.

Perhaps when Firewire2 (800Mbs) gets into use, we can look to utilizing a 16X burner with a notebook. Until then, I’ll continue to look at them and shake my head… because to me, even 12X aint gonna happen.

I was so curious so I borrowed my neighbor’s PX-712UF. Using my IBM T40 Centrino 1.60 Ghz 512MB 80GB 4200rpm hdd, first I tried burst test (both USB and Firewire) and gives 22mb/s which is enough for 16x speed (1st pic). Then still in USB2.0, I burned an 8x rated MCC003 but suprisingly it won’t give me 12x (2nd pic). Then I shutdown most active services, disable wireless and internet, antivirus etc, switched to Firewire and burn with TY T02 8x, it ALMOST reach 12x, much better, although we can see small bumps and shaky green line @12x meaning comp resources were shared while burning.

PX-712UF connected to IBM T40 Centrino 1.60 Ghz 512MB 80GB 4200rpm hdd
pic1: burst test (USB2.0 and Firewire, Firewire shown)
pic2: MCC003 8x DVD+R @12x with 70+ services in Task Manager :frowning:
pic3: TY T02 8x DVD+R @12x shutdown most of the services (30 left)
pic4: TY T02 quality check with NeroCDSpeed on benq 1620

Note that for my last test I shutdown all unneccessary services in Task Manager. For next test I disabled services with Spybot and reboot but still around 53 services left. In this test, all services running (antivirus, internet etc) and I can reach 12x now! There is one spike at 12x but it looks like powerec kicks in, not lack of system resources.

I still believe that with proper setup, a centrino 1.60 Ghz will be able to run 716UF @16x (for the first poster).

PX-712UF in USB2.0, TY T02 @12x

in my opinion firewire or usb 2 can keep up the data stream when you burn higher then 8x this tested by me on 3 different systems both with nec 3500 and plextor 716, above 8x you see al lot of spikes when the velocety goes higher, only firewire 2 can keep up the data stream, firewire 2 is 800mb/sec firewire 1 400mb/sec usb 2 full speed is 480 mb/sec but notice you need the half of the datastream to keep handshake protocol, so all streams are the half of the transferrate so fire wire 1 is 200mb/sec
devided to 10 you get max 20 Mb/sec the same goes for usb and firewire 2 you get 40Mb/sec so this one can keep up the stream with no spikes and just a plain cav bigin to end no dropouts

Good job, zevia!!
You are getting some great data flow rates.
I am showing a burst rate of about 12-MB/s on my 712’s USB interface, and showing a read rate of 9X in nero (rip-lock off). Sucks.
On my Samsung SD-816B, I show a burst rate of 14MB/s on its interface, and a read rate of 11X. OK.
On my external HDD, a 7200 RPM/ 120GB, I’m showing 15-MB/s burst and read, which is (today’s) data transfer rate, also.
After some tweaking, some months back, I was able to hit 18-MB/s (or was it 22?) on that ext. HDD, but, alas, it has apparently gone to shit, again.
Tomarrow, oh course, my mileage may vary :confused:
I guess one could research the fastest USB enclosure chipset, but I’ll just wait for firewire 2 (which is the best excuse I can think of right now :bigsmile: ).

As you saw in my first post, I run allot of USB devices from my notebook.
XP decides which ones get what percentage of the USB resources. I actually saw that in a utility, somewhere, as far as what devices were taking what percentage… eventhough they were not currently in use (I think I was trying to speed benchmark my SD cards at the time). It does not do this consistently, though… it’s very strange and annoying.

I would be willing to bet, though, that if I were to un-install all my USB devices and controllers, including the PC card USB, and then reinstall only the ext. 712a on one of the factory ports, it would scream with speed.
But I know that it wouldn’t last, and THAT knowledge is what drove the point that I was attempting to make. As soon as I go back to my “working, real world, configuration,” USB T/R goes back in the crapper. Besides, who wants to unplug all their peripheral devices, and reboot, so they can get a 12X or, MAYBE, 16X burn? Not much of a time saver there.
I usually burn at 4X or 6X just to avoid it.

On a desktop, on its own PCI / USB card, it might be a whole different deal, though. Its speed might stay there day in / day out??

But, anyway, again good job on your testing and thank you… you appear to be somebody who can get a little obsessed with interesting things… just like me :slight_smile:


BTW: 53-running services!! Good god, I thought I was bad at 37.