PX-716UF and TG001158

Hi all I’m new to the boards here and had a question. Last week I saw the thread on TY’s on sale at BB, I’ve never used them before normally I use MXL or SNY -R’s. I read that these could be burned at 16x instead of 8x. I tried burning at 16x and the drive wont let me do so. I ran a Write Transfer Rate Test using Plex Tools Pro and I got up to about 15x then for the last quarter of the disc the speed drops and burns the rest at 4x. Is there something I’m doing wrong here, do I need to tweak my settings and if so which ones?

That’s normal. PoweRec kicks in and decided to slowdown the speed to keep the burn quality good (although not always the case).

Does your graph looks like this?

yea it looked almost exact as that, when i used nero to burn it ran a test and said that the highest it could burn at would be 12x is that normal?

If you use Plextools Media quality check and they pass as judged good for 12x, they quite often go to 16x with no problem. But yes it is very normal for Power Pecord to cut in as you can get some ugly results if you turn it off. Keep in mind that not all media is of the same quality even from the same cake box.:slight_smile:

okay cool thanks for the help guys