Px-716sa vs. px-760sa

I do mainly dvd+r dual layer burning with mkm-001 (for now) and am wondering how good the 716sa is or should i wait for the 760sa? I have an msi nforce 3 250 neo platinum amd 754 board. My two burners right now are lg 4167 and lite-on 1793s and i am wondering if the plextors are any better than these burners for the dual layer discs. Some of my dual layer disc when played freeze/lockup my player on the layer change, but only when i play the dvd from the beginning. When it does this i just eject the disc, reinsert it, and then chapter right to the layer break and it plays fine. I’m thinking that it’s the dual layer discs and not the burner but i don’t know.

I guess you plextor people aren’t as nice as the other people in the lite-on and lg threads. :a All i’m looking for is some advice from some of you that have the 716sa, as well as, other drives (preferrably the lite-on 1693s or lg 4167) and how you feel about plextor quality vs. those others. Like I said i do mostly dual layer burning and here are some of my very recent burns:

Lite-on 1693s at 4x using imgburn v1.1.0.0 and mkm-001 media:

LG 4167 at 4x using imgburn v1.1.0.0 and mkm-001 media:

No, we are terrible people here in the Plextor forum, and our favorite passtime is to torture people who ask for help on the forum.

Having you point this out to us in this polite way will definitely make us feel warm and cozy about helping you, however! :rolleyes:

Your scans look very good. Maybe your problem is with the DVD player, or maybe you should use software that positions the layer break in an optimal position.

If you’ll excuse me, now I have to go and torture some other posters…


The 716 drives have proven to be excellent +RDL burners with MKM001@6x. I know, I have three :slight_smile:


Plextor 716 is the best!


My PX-716SA Is the Best at Burning DL +R Disc, in all my Drives.