PX-716SA (SATA) on Windows XP x64... Please help




I’ve searched this whole forum for an answer and haven’t found one…

I’ve installed this drive and it seems to work flawlessly in Windows XP Pro (32-bit), with the exception of the PowerBurn option in Roxio Creator. This selectable speed (PowerBurn nnX) only works if plextools is running, otherwise Roxio will exit with a buffer underrun error right at the beginning of the burn process. Is this normal?

Ok, now for the REAL problem… I’ve installed Windows XP Pro x64 (the 64-bit edition), and it seems to be able to read from the drive OK (I actually installed it from this drive). Plextools also seems to work in 64-bit Windows (is it suposed to be compatible?), with the exception of the CDRW erase function, that literally doesn’t do anything (it erases for 4 secons then exists without error but the CDRW does NOT get erased), Nero 7 is also unable to erase CDRWs on the plextor drive. I can record a disc but at the end of the record phase (when it’s supose to eject the disc, I think), both in Nero and Plextools, a problem occurs where the drive stops responding: it becomes locked and inaccessible from the operating system (even the eject button stops working) until the next reboot. Strangly enought after the reboot you can see that the CD recorded OK.

An LG drive (GSA-4167B), also installed, works with both operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit) without any problems…

I wrote to Plextor and they replied with the following:

Since our drives have not been tested with windows xp 64 bit with any software we can not guarantee it will work properly with your nero 7.Also the Plextools pro will not work in the 64 bit Windows so I do not believe you have a defective drive

Initially I thought, fairly enought as it doesn’t specify that the drive and software is 64-bit compatible, but then looking at the new PX-760A specs:


It states that it is compatible with the 64-bit version of windows so the new versions of Plextools should be compatible. I said this in my next reply to Plextro and they said:

The drive works in xp64 if you have the software

Which didn’t help much…

Anyway, did any of you get this drive to work well in Windows XP x64? If so what software did you use? Can anybody provide some light on my problem? Has anybody had a similar problem were the drive becomes unresponsive until the next system reboot?



PS: The plextools system informtion log:

PlexTools Professional V2.32a System Information
Copyright © 1999-2005 Plextor SA/NV
terça-feira, 14 de março de 2006

Software information

Operating system: Windows XP V5.02.3790 Service Pack 1
ASPI Manager: n/a
Description : n/a

Hardware Information

IDE Interface 0 ID: - Maximum # Targets: -

Type :

Port Driver: atapi.sys
Provider :
Location :
Version :
Date :

ID 0:(F:) HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4167B VDL13 (S/N:B5FC357CAAB0) ()
Read speed: 40 X, Jumper settings: n/a, Buffer Underrun Proof enabled
CD-ROM - Mode 1 (NEW_VOLUME), 1 session(s), 1 track(s), 73:15.59
Auto Insert Notification: yes, DMA: yes

ID 1: HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8523B V1.04

S-ATA Interface 1 ID: - Maximum # Targets: -

Description: Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller
Type : SCSI and RAID controllers

Port Driver: iaStor.sys
Provider :
Location :
Version :
Date :

ID 0: Intel Raid 0 Volume V1.0.

ID 1: WDC WD15 00ADFD-00NLR V19.0

ID 2:(H:) PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716A V1.09 (S/N:157369) (0.32.17B - 0.0.0A)
Read speed: 17-40 X CAV, Jumper settings: n/a, Buffer Underrun Proof enabled

Auto Insert Notification: yes, DMA: yes

USB Device Information:

Host Controller \.\HCD0 found.

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C8

| |—> Port[1] = I/O device connected
| | Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer® 1.0A

Host Controller \.\HCD1 found.

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27C9

Host Controller \.\HCD2 found.

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CA

Host Controller \.\HCD3 found.

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB

| |—> Port[2] = I/O device connected
| | Microsoft ® Laser Mouse 6000

Host Controller \.\HCD4 found.

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 27CC

| |—> Port[7] = Hub connected

| |—> Port[1] = I/O device connected
| | USB Composite Device

Extended Information:

PlexTools Professional Registry Information


SaveSettings : true
Minimise : true
Create icon in taskbar : true
Autorun : true
Set trayicon after close : true
Read disc information : true

CD Info

DisplayMSF : true
DisplayISRC : false

Digital Audio Extraction

DetectPregap : false
IncludePregap : false
Use audio error detection : true
Reduce speed : true
SaveCDText : true
SaveTrackNumber : false
SaveArtist : false
mp3 encoding : Windows
Audio Format : PCM
Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Plextor
Filename : Track%N
Minimum bitrate : 0
Constant/Average bitrate : 0
Maximum bitrate : 0
Quality : 0
L.A.M.E. encoding method : CBR


Overburn : false
CopyOnTheFly : false
Use audio error detection : false
Reduce speed : false
Eject destination disc : true
ISRC : false
UPC : false
CD+G : false
LeaveDiscOpen : false
PlaySound : false
WriteOption : Simulate + Write
Copies : 1
Temp. path : C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp
sound path : none
source path : C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp
destination path : C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\

AudioCD Maker

WriteOption : Simulate + Write
CDText : true
UPC : true
ISRC : true
WriteSpeed : maximum
Copies : 1


Not one reply… :frowning:

Oh well, I guess not very many people are interested in yet another 716A problem!

Just to keep you updated then:

  • Plextor wrote back saying that the only compatible (with XP64) DVD writing software that they’d recomend is Roxio 8:

Actually, it is Roxio 8 that is 64 bit compatible, not Nero 7.

See: http://ww2.nero.com/nero7/enu/Nero_7_Premium_System_Requirements.html
Nero 7 is compatible with: Microsoft® Windows 98/98SE/Me, Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later), Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server (Service Pack 1 or later), MCE 2004 / 2005

also see

If you have any further problems, don’t hesitate to call the technical support line at 1-800-204-0332. We are staffed from 9:00am to 12:00 Midnight Monday Through Friday Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you


Plextor America Email Support

  • Plextools support wrote back and confirmed that the current version of Plextools is NOT compatible with 64-bit enviroments (incl. XP64), and that they have no estimate when this compatibility will be added

So for those of you that claim plextools works perfectly in XP64, beware it may not work as well as it seems…

I’m now in the process of acquiring Roxio 8, but I have this feeling that it will not work…


I have found out something else…

It appear to be the software thing, after unistalling Nero 7 and Plextools I was able to sucessfully burn a CD using the (very) limited CD recording capabilities built into Windows XP… I can’t believe I spent €50 to get Nero 7 when it doesn’t even work!!! :a

Hopefully Roxio 8 will work…


so it boils down to the burning suite compatibility with XP64…and not a drive issue???

how does your LG work then? “An LG drive (GSA-4167B), also installed, works with both operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit) without any problems…”

why not just have a dual-boot system and do all your burning under 32bit XP? there’s really very little advantage to XP64 unless the software is optimized for it…


Not so much Nero 7 and XP64 but the mixture od Nero7+XP64+PX-716SA. Plextor engineers are looking into the problme, they seem to tinhk it maybe firmware related, Nero support haven’t got back to me yet.

I’m about to install Roxio 8 to see what happens, I guess it may well work as the limited utilities available in Win XP for CD burning are licensed from Roxio Software.

Just like I said… perfectly! Using Nero7 with XP64 and the GSA-4167B works like a charm, but the LG is my back-up burner/DVD drive, the ideia is to use it only to do things the plexor can’t or in teh event the plextor gives up on me.

At the moment that’s what I have, but it’s a pain to reboot just to burn a DVD! Anyway, if the PX-760SA is certified to work in XP64 I don’t see why the PX-716SA shouldn’t…


Well… Problem resolved! Roxio 8 works prefectly which means that, at least for me, XP64 + Nero 7.0.82 + PX-716SA are NOT compatible! Maybe Nero will release a fix, in any event I’ll keep the thread updated.


interesting…glad you found a suitable alternative to Nero…