PX-716SA ripping CDs at 6x?

Perhaps this is old hat, but I’m trying to trip CDs on my new PX-716SA. I’m using PlexTools Pro to do it (latest version), and all the settings for fast ripping are done (20-48X, SpeedRead, etc.).

However, PlexTools reports I’m only ripping at 6x speed, on average. Is there something I’m missing here? Is this the result of the drive using a SATA interface, and me going through a SATA PCMCIA card? I’ve tested the read/write speeds via this interface on my SATA hard drives, and it’s going pretty much at the Cardbus speed limit (133 M-bytes/sec), so I doubt it’s that.

The Read Transfer Rate test is happily showing a max of around 40x.

Are the speeds reported by PlexTools not related to the actual drive speed?

Very confusing, this. :frowning:

Also, I was wondering, PlexTools pro doesn’t seem to write ID3V2 tags when I have it using the LAME encoder… it didn’t even write the track number! Anyone else having such problems with it?

  • Tim

Does this happen with all CDs? There is a bug with the Px716A which throttles the read speed for some pressed audio CDs to 8X, and you can’t do anything about it - if you try to set it higher, it reverts instantly back to 8X. For me it happens with about, I’d say, 5% of my pressed CDs (always the same ones), but never with burned audio CDs.

I understand from the above that you are ripping CD->MP3? If yes then that may be one explanation. Plextools does not show the drives speed when ripping but the rate of the data flow. So if you are ripping to mp3 you’ll see the data rate that your computer is able to transcode. If i remember correctly on my 3GHZ machine i get a max. of around 11x when doing this. How fast is your CPU?

Also are you sure your pcmcia-card is running in cardbus mode (it looks like, since read transfer test seems to work)? AFAIK old ‘regular’ pcmcia was pretty much 1MB/s (i.e. 6x 150kb/s = 900KB/s).

AFAIK only the newest Plextools Pro XL supports ID3V2.

I believe you are right – it is including the MP3 encoding speed in with the speed calculation. Thanks for the solution!

  • Tim

That’s not a bug but intentional. The drive lowers the read speed when it detects an unbalanced disc to prevent problems.

If it is intended, it does not work as it should - With unbalanced pressed discs (e.g. ones which have an asymmetrically printed, thick cover on the disc), it usually does not limit the speed to 8X but accelerates them to full speed, which sometimes makes quite ugly noises that make me cringe. The slowed-down 8X discs are usually in no way problematic, my Plextor Premium reads them at 52X without any problems or imbalances whatsoever. IIRC, someone wrote something about reflectivity problems with the PX716A slowed-down discs, but I am not sure if this would really cause a slow-down. When I scan the problematic discs, I never found any high C1/C2 errors which would justify a slow down due to read problems.