PX-716SA now available

Anyone considering making the jump to the SATA drive? I am, I’m hoping all the main hardware issues have been ironed out with the PX-716A, so Plextor is comfortable enough now to release the SATA version:


US$143 is cheaper than PX-716A in South Korea.

Thanks for the link, Drew. I love the thought of having a SATA PX-716.

However, they don’t offer the rebate on the serial drive. Here’s how the prices break down.

PX-716A at BestBuy: $149.99 + 7% (tax) = $160.49 - $30 MIR = $130.49
PX-716A at Newegg.com: $139.99 - $30 MIR + $3 (S+H) = $112.99
PX-716SA/SW at Newegg.com: $142.99 + $3 (shipping & handling) = $145.99

= At the cheapest, your paying a $33 premium for the SATA PX-716SA/SW

Not sure if having a serial drive is worth that much more, even though I like it!

I like the idea of a SATA drive also, it is one of the primary reasons why I’ve waited so long to purchase, besides the other reasons (px-716A harware issues in initial rollout). I’m also feeling more heartened regarding staying true to Plextor.

Earlier in the day yesterday - their price was $130.99 - went up $9 yesterday :frowning:

(Was thinking of buying it - but held off - perhaps early next year… I wish there were more drives with an 8MB buffer)

IIRC, you need to check if your mobo is on Plextor’s compatibililty List?

From the pictures I seen on other forums the 716sa is the same as 716a but has sex changer plugged into the IDE cable plug on back of drive.

Interestingly this is still just a pre-order item on the Plextor site. It shows up as pre-order once you add it to the shopping cart. It costs $159 direct from Plextor.

Actually this is a true sata drive .

The picture is dark, but if you highlight the picture like you would text your about to copy, you will see the sata connections. this is what I too have been waiting for. :slight_smile:

Alchip80 writes:

Actually this is a true sata drive .

Yup, you’re right. The only sex changer module is for the power supply hookup in case you don’t have one of the newer Power Supplies with SATA power connections.

Ok, it’s been a week since I made my initial post regarding the PX-716SA, I noticed that within two days of the post, newegg was out of stock with it. I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinions regarding the PX-716 SATA version, I’m about ready to make the jump myself once it’s back in stock.
I did see one report on it on the Motherboard Compatibility LIst thread:

Here’s a few other reputable sites now listing the PX-716SA on their websites: