PX-716SA not burning, desperate!


I have been all this week trying to find a solution to my trouble but this is simply a nightmare:

Basically, my PX-716SA reads everything and detects my empty media perfectly (Verbatim MCC 004) but when it comes to burning it stays always at 1% in the Lead-In stage, as if it’s taking it a full long time to do the process, no error messages are shown. I have reached the 48 minutes of 1% Lead-In process, then I desperated turned my machine off to go on with some tests. Something is not right here…

I have tried to burn very different kind of things, from 50KB plain text documents to 4,2GB DVD Images or video compilations, using Alcohol 120% or Nero or trying different recording speeds come to the same end, stuck at that 1% Lead-In stage.

I have already upgraded the firmware to 1.09 and have also tried the write tests in the PlexTools LE 3.07, but it’s like the drive doesn’t want to do them, neither simulation and real writing start. I have also noticed that even if it’s an optical drive with SATA interface my system detects it as a PATA (it tells me it is a PX-716A when it is a PX-716SA).

These are the specs of my system:

[li]AMD 64 Opteron 148
[/li][li]DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D (nForce 4 Ultra)
[/li][li]Gskill F1-3200DSU2-1GB FX
[/li][li]Samsung SP0802N 80GB PATA HD (UDMA 133)
[/li][li]Plextor PX-716SA 1.09 (SATA Generation 1-150)
[/li][li]e-VGA GeForce 7800 GT (though I guess it’s not relevant)

The PX-716SA unit is plugged in directly to the mobo which uses the onboard nVidia SATA controller, and as I stated earlier it reads and detects everything good but cannot record. Here are some screenshots to show you how windows and plextools puts everything. Any help will be more than greatly apreciated, thanks in advance, ciao!

Try uninstalling the NForce IDE driver.

Of course nForce has a compatibility mode, but I doubt this will improve.

Yes uninstall nvidia IDE driver. I was in the same situation with you [with 760SA] and with that action i don’t have any problem so far…

Material Defender 1032

Hello again,

My watering eyes couldn’t believe what I was looking at… my PX-716SA was burning! burning! :sad:

Guys you deserve some beers, I will never imagine it was my IDE drivers the cause of the problem, cheers!!

Thanks you so very much!

:clap: :iagree:

I wish I could say that… I have a lifetime supply of Sony 1-48x CD-R media and the 716SA only recognizes it about half the time, while my 716A always recognizes it.
Wish I could find some Verbatim media in Honolulu… only seem to be able to buy Sony and TDK around here. But when it recognizes it, it burns to it OK.

Anyway my real question is, now that you have solved your problem with burning which I see later that you did, does your computer still detect the PX-716SA as a PX-716A? My System Report to Alcohol says I have two PX-716A’s so they seem to not want to address my question about if they support 716SA’s or not (I really have one 716SA and one 716A). Their list of supported drives says 716A (and does not list 716SA) but it does include listed separately the older 712A and 712SA.

These are the specs of my system:

[li]Pentium 4 640
[/li][li]ASUS P5WD2 Premium
[/li][li]Plextor PX-716SA 1.09
[/li][li]Plextor PX-716A 1.09

The SATA drive will show up in the boot as a 716A attached to your SATA controller. In most apps as a 716A, since that is the inquiry string. In Device Mangler as a SCSI CD ROM device, and in PTP as a 716SA.

The 716SA is a 716A ATAPI drive with a bridge board. The inquiry string returned from both drives is the same–PX-716A-- so the different reporting methods will report it as a 716A if it doesn’t detect the bridge and the 716SA if it does. If the app supports the PX-716A it will support the PX-716SA. The only difference is the SATA bridge chip on the mobo or controller compatibility with the SATA bridge in the drive. If the 716A works all the time, and the 716SA does not, could still be the drive, but most likely is the interface. Try on another mobo or borrow a PCI adapter.

To [B]biyahero[/B],

My system still sees it as a 716A instead of a 716SA, so does my burning software (Alcohol + Nero), but my PTP LE detects it as an SA. I cannot find any better explanation than [B]bob11879[/B] wrote.

You have to wait a firmware upgrade.
Plextor knows the problem.
The new firmware is expected to be released before the end of September.