PX-716SA Inquiry



Hi. I’m a newbie here :slight_smile:

After google around, i have finally arrived on this website. After read a lot of threads, it seems that many people having a problem with their PX-716SA drive, i.e. 2 out of 4 716sa is a bad drive. So, i’m wondering…

  1. how would i check if my 716sa drive is a good (quality) drive or bad drive that need to be replaced?

  2. i have read some of threads say that there is a compatible problem w/ nvidia nForce 4 ide controller & 716sa (i.e. it recognize 716sa as 716a), however, PlexTool 2.23 (lastest) see it as 716sa so is this means ide controller does not run 716sa at its max performance :confused:

  3. Is there a problem w/ 1.07 firmware? I have 1.05 but i plan to upgrade to 1.07 but it seems that some people have a problem w/ 1.07. If encounter a problem w/ 1.07 after upgraded, can i flash 1.05 to replace it (sorry i don’t know much about these stuffs). Also, if i flash my drive to region-free and then upgrade to 1.07, would it still be a region protected?

Finally, can I use PlexTool to do all the cd/dvd recording/burning instead of Nero or Roxio? I have Nero & Roxio (plextor’s sample software) but I want to use the software that optimize 716sa drive.

Thanks in advance :wink:

  1. burn on as much media and styles do scans in Plextools and compare your results to everybody else.

  2. There has been a 716 issue with Nforce boards but with the A not the SA and usually setting the DMA to to UDMA2 will take care of it an provide more then enough bandwidth for 16x burns. as for the reporting most things will catch it as an A and not a SA. I remeber one person hooking their A to a IDE to SATA converter and Plextools reported it as a SA. The firmware for the 2 are exactly the same.

  3. Actually 1.05 Might be the most fishy of firmwares. They had it on thier sight maybe a day or so before pulling it and within a week 1.06 was put up. 1.07 Hasn’t really been a problem it just didn’t take care of alot of the things we would have liked it to


Well, it seems that PlexTool v2.23 displays the drive correctly (PX-716SA); however, the previous version that come in the box does not. It was shown as PX-716A. :cool:

I will flash my drive tonight and try to burn several discs to see if it works correctly. Thanks Topweasel. :wink:


There no 2 out4 having problems with 716sa all the user that have problem with they asus crappy Motherboard crappy sata chisets that is the problem not the 716SA


there’s no way that 2 of 4 (50%) of the SA drives are bad. keep in mind that all those owners of the SA with absolutely no problems probably aren’t posting here.

would help to know what motherboard you have…and whether or not you’re experiencing any specific problems/issues…