PX-716SA has no connection for audio card

Recently bought and installed a Plextor PX-716SA dual layer DVD writer. The serial ATA cables were easier to install than regular ATA cables. However I was very disappointed that there is no connection on the PX-716SA for the CD-In
or CD_SPDIF connectors on my sound card. I therefore have to use the poor sounding onboard sound. Playing music CDs was a major reason why I bought the PX-716SA. What good reason could there be for not providing a connection for a sound card?

Most ATAPI drives use a 4-in-one or 5-in-one connector. Cheap and it provides power, atapi,jumpers, SPDIF, etc. The ATAPI connector, if not part of a connector unit, can be located anywhere on the drive. SATA has a specific location for power and signal connectors and is designed for plugging into trays or backplanes. Since SATA is primarily geared for OEM and VAR installations, mainly in server applications, and designed for backplane and tray installation, audio is an unnecessary feature/cost option.

what software are you using to play audio CDs? it should have the capability to use DAE and therefore doesn’t need a direct connection btw the drive and soundcard…

Thanks for explaining why sound card connection is omitted. I have Creative Soundblaster Audigy sound card. Also have Windows Media Player v9,
WinAmp v5.904, and Jet Audio software.

Just downloaded and installed Exact Audio Copy. Will try it out.

in both WMP and WinAmp, there is an option to play audio CDs via DAE (check your preferences)…thus eliminating any need for an SPDIF connection from the drive to the soundcard…

With EAC, to hear audio you’ll probably need to select

EAC -> EAC Options -> General -> Use alternate CD play routines. :slight_smile: