PX-716SA DVD Burning in Linux



I’m just wondering if anyone has had any success with DVD burning using the PX-716SA drive in linux?

I can burn CDR’s fine, but right after starting a DVD burning, I get a write failure. The drive works fine in Windows, so I know it is software related. I’ve only tried DVD+R media, but again, seems to work fine in Windows.

I’ve been using the the Cdrecord ProDVD software from Jorg Shillings site. From what I gather, this is the only software that is supposed to work on this drive. Has anyone had any luck with this … or am I the only one running this drive in Linux?



I have the same burner but not reconized all by Mandriva LE 2005 :doh:

which distro do you use ?




I use ARCH linux (www.archlinux.org). The SATA drive is not detected by default with stock kernel builds, even in arch. You have to modify one of the libata.h files and turn on the PATA support i think, and recompile the kernel (as of 2.6.12). I forget exactly.

I few weeks ago the DVD support was added to this drive by default in cdrecord I think. I just use the growisofs command to write DVD’s now. So far the drive works great in linux, I am burning DVD’s around 8X.

If you need more help I can find the kernel modifications exactly and give you my kernel config file.



If you get -R media, watch out for the “PERFORM OPC” error when using growisofs:


It seems to mostly happen on Plextors, mine (not SATA, sorry) included.