PX-716SA detected write speed issue



First and foremost, greetings to the community.

I own a PX-716SA flashed to the 1.09 firmware, and it’s maximum DVD write speed is now detected at 12X instead of the 16X it should be and was previously at. I’m using Verbatim 8X +Rs, so I understand that I’m utilizing sub-16x media, but the issue is not just slower burning; my detected max write speed is incorrect.

Aside from the original flashing of the drive (which went well), I cannot think of anything I could have accidentally done to it. The only red flag that stands out in my mind is that I had had the invasive Starforce copy protection on my machine for a few months while I was beta testing Heroes of Might and Magic V. I do not understand the subtle nuances of Starforce’s drive-based interference, but I have heard the horror stories. That is only a weak guess at best though.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/thoughts/suggestions in regards to this. Otherwise the drive operates flawlessly, as I’ve come to expect from all my Plextor products, but I’m afraid I’m at a bit of a loss here. Here are my overall specs:

DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
A64 3200+ (Winchester 90nm)
1gb OCZ4001024PDC-K PC3200 mem
Seagate 200gb SATA HD
XP Pro (updated)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


istari101: Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

It’s normal. Your Plextor drive and its firmware detects the MID (Media/Manufacturer ID) and checked its database table for available write strategies. For your Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MID = MCC003) it shows that available writing strategies are 4x - 6x - 8x - 12x, so yes the max is 12x (see attachment). Different MID will show different write speed support.

You can also check the list here: PX-716 Series Recommended and Compatible CD-R/DVD±R/RW.


Wow, well I had no idea. Thanks a lot, and I’ll have to be sure to buy a preferred media type next time.