PX-716SA CD-R quality revisited

Have a question? I have very little experience with burning CD’s and ImBad recommended that I test my Plextors CD burning ability, so I was going to do a Nero Data CD just to see if the feature worked. Did a transfer write Test and a MID check and Nero says 4x burn, :confused:I don’t get it! Is there a better way to check a the CD burning ability of my drive. Don’t mind wasting a disc as I never use CD’s but don’t want to waste time looking for Data to fill it with. Looks like if I do a create Data disc it will burn @ 4x.TIA. :slight_smile:

What’s the burn speed? 4 mins probably 32x?
Did you get excellent result @48x drpino?

the stats in the post you quoted zevia is from an on-the-fly copy of a Cactus Shield protected CD so i limited that burn to 16X i think. let me see if i have scans of a 48X burn.

edit: here’s one …52X Verb CD-R @ 48X on a TLA 0101 716.

Does all of your 48x burn is sweet like that? I just tried 48x and got C1 265 max/sec at the end. However, @16 is far less (<40). Sorry I’m no cd expert, what’s the limits (C1, C2, CU) for a good cd burn again?

most all do, but ocassionally a C2 will creep in there (sometimes the C2 error shows up in a 716 scan but NOT in the Premium scan of the same disc). i’m no CD expert either and it seems some people are EXTREMELY picky about them (i.e. need C1 max < 20, AVG<1). for me the burn i posted is just fine. not sure what the criteria for a good burn are, but all my burned CDs (even ones with a few C2 errors) play fine in all my drives and stand-alones and the read transfer rates are good. if i were burning sensitive/important data, i’d probably kick it down a notch to 32X or 16X.

My impression was that the CD (burning)laser and DVD laser were completely separate. I could be wrong, but that would explain why some defective units have no problem with DVDs but can’t recognize a CD to save their life.

I’ve attached a GIF that should show there isn’t much to choose between scanning at 8× (before I knew better) and 10-24×. In fact, at 10-24× CAV, the number of C1’s dropped by 30 to 2503.

have you scanned that particular disc in any other drives? cd or dvd? if so, post it/them.

Unfortunately, no. At the risk of being branded a heretic :wink: I don’t see much need for owning more than one burner. My ancient Panasonic CD burner doesn’t do scans…

i don’t think there are two separate lasers…but rather the one laser unit is able to change wavelengths. units having problems with one or the other are still possible with this as it could just be a result of not properly setting the required wavelength.

nice scan regardless of the speed…you heretic you :wink:

Well I tried the CD part of my Plex as ImBad suggested that I should check to see if it would write over 16x so I did a copy on the fly. My CD media is probably not the best (Ritek 48x Cdr) and has been sitting around forever. Looks to me like it wrote @ 48x. I looked at the Plextools help under C1/C2 and did not find any numbers to say if this is a good or bad burn. Is it good or bad??This is what I got.

looks fine to me, sticklers may argue however.

Thx drpino. This is probably the first and last time I will ever use it. :slight_smile:

CD burning rate is like DVDs. It started @21x and reaches the max 48x at the end. So since your data is not full disk, it wont reach 48x.

Thx zevia. Basicly just wanted to make sure it would burn a CD over 16x which a few people have mentioned their Plextors won’t. :slight_smile:

I`m thinking this weekeend, to recover my “old” friend, Yamaha SCSI 24/8/24…from my father PC :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Just for fun, i will make some on records on it :smiley:

Maybe i get some suprises… for old times sake:p


hehe, on that note, im thinking of breaking out this drive to see what kind of “quality” burns it makes (in 45mins, lol): http://support.gateway.com/s//CDROM/Philips/5501240/5501240nv.shtml


that’s odd that you got C2 errors burning that media at only 16X. based on only those 2 burns, seems like your 716 burns CDs just fine, even a little better than your 712.