PX-716SA bug resolved with 1.06 firmware



The 1.05 firmware bug I mentioned in the following thread:


involving read problems with RICOHJPNW11 4X DVD+RW media has been resolved in the new 1.06 firmware. CD-R read quality appears to be better also–but haven’t had a chance to test write quality of any media yet.


CD-R quality with 1.06 firmware is still poor. I do not see a significant difference in quality between 1.04, 1.05, and 1.06. The first scan is a TY made Fuji 48X CD-R burned at burned at 48X by the PX-716SA with firmware 1.06 and read back at Max speed on my Liteon LTR-52327S. While my Liteon LTR-52327S drive has great write quality with this media (C1 average about 0.5 when read by at Max speed and burned at 52X), it is over a year old and quality seems to be declining. I used to be able to get a 0.2 C1 average out of this drive when read back at Max speed. My LG DVD burner uses a 40X Z-CLV strategy on this media, and burns an 80 minute Fuji TY CD-R in 3:17–34 seconds slower than my 716SA. What do you get for that extra 34 seconds? The answer is my second scan: a C1 average of 0.22 with Max of 9 when read back by the Liteon drive at Max speed. I think I will convince myself to wait the extra 34 seconds and go with the LG drive for burning CD-Rs–as it gives me the type of quality that the TY media is capable of! Even the 716SA burning this media at 32X still results in C1 averages of just less than 2.0 when read by back at Max speed on the Liteon drive.


Don’t use Max speed with KProbe. As a standard, 4x is the speed we scan with KProbe. Max will give you too many erroneous errors.