Px-716SA + Asus P5wd2-e Deluxe = Problem

Hi guys!

I have changed my motherboard from Asus P4C800 into P5WD2-E Deluxe and my Plextor’s gone nuts!
The drive is still capable to read the DVD Movies (I have tested two yesterday). But it does not handle all of normal CDs. The problem is not reduced only to blank CDs but the drive is unable to read CDs like “ASUS Motherboar Driver CD” or “SISCO manuals” (both released by manufacturers, and both are perfectly readable by the other drive I’ve got! Even this sick Plextor was able to read them couple days ago!)

Even more - it is unable to read CDs which have been burned on this
burner! I tried to read couple of them, and in a few cases I have got
“cyclic redundancy error”.

Is this possible, that all my problems are connected with my new Asus motherboard? What should I try to fix this?


An update:

I have performed two self-tests upon this 716SA and I have received two different outputs! With TDK CD-R 80 (Metallic) test finished with no errors. With Sony CD-R 700MB (Supremas) it failed.
I need to add, that I was able to burn on both medias copule days ago.

What does it mean?

you should only perform self-test on Plextor recommended media. see this list and look for [B]R[/B]

I did. On recommended media test is fine. But it does not explain other problems…

I have an Asus P5WD2 Premium Mobo and the recommendation is against using SATA Plextor drives with it because of incompatibility issues. So I went and got a PX-716A and have had no problems. Only difference I can see is I don’t have rounded cables with the IDE drive, I can live with that!