PX-716SA and Fuji TY 8X DVD-R

Has anyone had any issues with Fuji 8X TY DVD-R discs (media code TYG02)? I bought a 10-pack of these at Best Buy and burned 3 of them with my 716SA (firmware 1.06), with horrible results. The first disc was a coaster–burned at 16X with PoweRec OFF. The second disc was burned with PowerRec ON at 16X, but quality was awful–didn’t make it to a PIPO scan. I just read it back in Nero CD Speed, and the drive had to slow down to 2X in places to read it. 2 of the 3 discs failed the AutoStrategy Media Check for writing at 8X! Finally, I burned the third tested disc at 8X–it read back fine in Nero CD Speed, but had PIE >= 40. Never completed the PIE scan–I was convinced this media stinks. My drive has no problem with MCC004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R, YUDENT002 Fuji 8x TY DVD+R, and no problems with MCC02RG20 Verbatim 8X DVD-R discs. Could this just have been a bad batch of media? These TYG02 discs were authentic TY, as I saw the GG serial number near the center of the disc. Or could this be another problem with the PX-716 series firmware?

Probably a bad batch. This is a scan of that exact media @16x from FUJI. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying crossg. It was actually your post above to this forum that was partially responsible for me buying this media–I was impressed with your results. Was your media in a spindle? The Best Buy I bought it from had no Made in Japan Fuji 8X DVD-R spindles–all the Fuji 8X DVD-R spindles were Made in Taiwan which means they were garbage (Prodisc, I believe). The other reason I bought this media now, rather than waiting for 16X TY media to hit retail stores (yeah I know you can get it online) is the fact that it appeared as though the Made in Taiwan Fuji DVD-R media was being phased in, and I wanted to grab the Made in Japan Fuji DVD-R media while it was still available.

The TYG02 that I got comes in a five pack with slim line cases, and yes I got suckered with the prodiscF01 in the FUJI 25 pack Cake Box. Seems odd that you would have problems with multiple discs. Maybe pick up a 5 pack (cheaper!!) and try it “different batch”. As to the firmware question I haven’t had a chance to try this media yet with 1.06 but I will burn one tommorow and post the results to this thread. Past my bedtime. :slight_smile:

Well, this media isn’t as bad as I thought. I now have some PIPO scans. For two of the now 4 discs burned, I ran SUM 8, SUM 1, and TA tests. One of the discs was burned at 8X, and the other was burned at 16X with PoweRec ON, since the coaster disc was produced by burning with PoweRec off. The disc with PIE > 40 actually only had PIE Max = 65, and that disc was burned at 16X with PoweRec ON. I panicked a bit before I had a chance to realize the actually quality. I won’t test the coaster disc–its quality is self-explanatory. The TA tests were great–only got “Very Good” and “Excellent” on the three layers for both discs. Here are my results of the 16X PoweRec ON disc.

Attached are the scans of the 8X Fuji TYG02 disc. Because these discs don’t have much potential to be overspeeded, I will return them to Best Buy. I can buy a 5-pack of Verbatim 8X DVD-R discs for half the price (because it’s a 5-pack, not a 10-pack like the Fuji media)–and these discs (MCC02RG20) burn better at 8X than these Fuji TY discs with this drive (716SA) and firmware 1.06. So if I can’t overspeed the media with decent quality, why should I spend the extra money for a 10-pack of Fuji TY discs? If I can’t overspeed the media to at least 12X, then I don’t want more than 5 discs, so the Verbatim DVD-R 5-pack I can buy is better. Unfortunately, I can’t get a 5-pack of the Fuji TY DVD-R media–10-pack is the smallest quantity I’ve seen.