PX-716A won't read copy of game

Ok. I made a copy of Doom 3 with Alcohol 120%, and it installs and plays on my Pioneer a07XLA. I tried to get it to play on my other system with the Plextor PX-716A, and it tries for about 3 minutes, and then just disappears. I had clonecd installed on my system, and uninstalled it and cleaned up the registry entries. There are no virtual drives installed on this pc. Any other things I can check or try. It should work, shouldn’t it?

You must enable “HIDE CDR MEDIA OPTION” otherwise your copy won’t start from a DVD/CD burner!

Where and how do I “hide cd media”

You can find this option under “EMULATION” section of Alcohol 120%!

Just one more question. Why will the copy play on my other PC (which has the same version of alcohol installed, on my Pioneer a07xl. I haven’t changed any settings on that pc.

Because DVD/CD Burners read ATIP information, so the protection guard module can “see” your copy is not the original stamped disk, but is a CD-R/RW!

So, my best bet would be to get an external enclosure with a cdr or dvd-rom drive to run the cd copies with???