PX-716A with 1.06 (cannot recognize the disc)

I upgrade my Plextor PX-716A firmware from 1.05 to 1.06, and to my suprise it just can’t recognize any dvdr discs (DVD-R and DVD+R). The MID codes are as follow: What should I do then?

Did you reboot after flashing your firmware?

Yes, I have reboot after I have flashed the drive. Now, I even cannot use Plextool Professional XL (v.3.00) and Plextool Professional (v.2.21) :a Whenever, I insert the disc into the drive and it just hanged and cannot proceed. And I can’t use it to test the PI/PO and Beta/Jitter test.

Sounds like the F/W didn’t flash properly. I would try flashing again! If it was working fine with 1.05 maybe try flashing back to 1.05 if 1.06 doesn’t work. Just a guess. :slight_smile:

T&J: I would first check the DMA mode of your Plextor 716A, should be in UDMA4.

My guess is there are other software(s) that are recognize not to be compatible with plextor drives such as Sonic DLA. Please check the FAQ in this forum.

crossg, I flashed to 1.05, and it doesn’t work as well. I set my drive to master instead of slave in secondary IDE channel, and I checked the DMA mode is Ultra DMA mode 4, and the hardware and installed firmware revision is TLA#BBBB. What is that means? :confused:

Well, I don’t have any Sonic DLA software installed.

Hardware revision BBBB doesn’t exist, unless you have a test model? TLA numbers for retail drives consist of 4 digits, no numbers. What is “TLA” and how do I know what TLA number my Plextor drives are?

If the TLA is not 0000 or higher it probably is a pre-production drive, demo, or sample. Chances the firmware is not compatible with your TLA.

T&J. I am a little confused as to whether the drive was working OK before you flashed the firmware. When you changed from Slave to Master you changed the jumper on the drive to match the position as well I hope? You can run a self diagnostic as explained in the manual you get with the drive, or call or e mail Plextor directly. :slight_smile:

You guys are being duped by T&J the jerk.
He doesnt even own a plex drive, I suspect.

I hope you all noticed the <b>Lite-on</b>
in the photo?
And last I heard plextools (any version) wont work with lite-on

Yes that is to show the media codes.
And there is always that possibilty.

I flashed to 1.04 and it just didn’t work as well.

Serial number 004402… looks really like a sample unit… :confused:


Batch#004? Just out of curiosity what TLA#xxxx does it say on your box or drive sticker? You must have been the first one in line for the 716A. :slight_smile:

Do you see a “Made in Japan” somewhere?


Yeah, it is “Made In Japan”. Manufacturing Date: September 2004.