PX-716A, which RecordNow should I use?

I have RecordNow DX 4.60 installed on my PC, I had been using it with my LiteOn LDW-851S. After installing the PX-716A, RecordNow doesn’t ‘see’ the Plextor.

I also have, but have never installed, RecordNow 7.3 LE & MyDVD 5.3 LE, which are on a CD that came with my Dell laptop.

I also have, but have never installed, RecordNow 6.5.1, which is on my Backup MyPC CD.

The reason I don’t just go ahead and install the Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 Basic that came with the drive is that I had lots of trouble with ECDC 5.0 Platinum. Never have I paid so much for so much grief. RecordNow DX 4.60 has been solid as a rock.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

What is it you wanna burn? If it’s just *.img files i would suggest dvddecrypter :slight_smile:

I want to burn everything: 1) data, like *.avi files to watch on my Philips 642 2) data, like everything else, to back up files 3) backup sets using Backup MyPC 3) data, like VOB files to make up a watchable DVD 4) *.img & *.iso files to write a written image.

Isn’t this what everyone does?

M8 I got 4.50 working with my px-716a
try this info out


I use dvdecrypter for img files and nero for everything else :slight_smile:

When i first start with dvd’s , nero was bad for making dvd’s that wouldn’t play on stand alones , now a know thats not the case now , but i started using RecordnowMax 4.50 , and it’s ROCK solid , the only problem is it doesn’t do dual layer , so i know pretty soon i’m going to have to change , but untill i got to , i will carry on using RecordNow Max 4.50

although i haven’t used NERO to burn a DL DVD, i’ve read it does work (though the layer break allocation isn’t always correct).