PX 716A Weak Stream?



Hey all. I don’t know what to make of this, unless the laser is going bad.

I haven’t really used this too much, but lately it has problems reading what it wrote.

Nero craps out a lot during data verification after a burn (Data, or ISO to CD)

I looked at the burned area, and it looks really weak, compared to another CD/DVD writer I got…

And ISO images don’t want to boot…

Anybody got any ideas. There’s no display errors when burning with Nero…z

PS. Latest firmware v1.11 is loaded.


Whats the maker of your Discs? Please check the MID code of these discs.
Some cheap brands are known to fail after only a few month (some do after only a few weeks).
This is why many form users recommend/only use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD blanks.


Run the self test with high-quality CD and/or DVD media. The self test does a write and verify, checking the write/read capabilities of the drive. The self test is in the manual posted on the Plextor web site on the support section/downloads.