PX-716A vs PX-760A

I am going to buy a new DVD drive. Nor the price or speed is a concern, only the write quality and error correction. Would you recommend PX-716A or PX-760A? The PX-760 is newer but doesn’t seem to provide anything apart from more “x”. Most serious error measurements I see being done on PX-716A. OEM versions of both drives cost about the same where I live. I want to make sure that I pay for a real Plextor that is recognized by PlexTools, not just a drive with the P logo. :confused:

Don’t worry, both are “real” Plextors. Somewhat amazing you can still get the 716A, as it’s been superseded by the 755A and 760A models meanwhile. The newer models suffer from PIF spikes at laser calibration points, which I don’t like. On the other hand there seem to be less people with a 755/760 suddenly quitting (lots of 716 RMA’s documented here), but I still prefer the 716 - if you get a good one.

I prefer the 760A to the 716A myself, especially when it comes to high speed burning.

Thank you for your replies. I’m glad I can purchase PX-760.

Do you have any information about these ID codes that come published in price lists of Plextor devices?

PX-760: “T3”, "T3K"
PX-716: “T3BP”

“T3” = European Market Version, with no further markings, this is retail version
"K" = bulk (no IDE cable, no extra bezels, no software but with Plextools)

“BP” = seems to be an older naming version of “K”, problably also means “black” bezel