PX-716A vs. BenQ 1640 vs. NEC 3540a



What are the major differences between these 3 drives? These seem to be the best.

This will be my first DVD burner.

I can’t find any major articles comparing them. Please help.


Hi :slight_smile:
No direct comparisons between all three as such. But there are some one on one reviews around.
Try here
For BenQ
Try here
For Nec
Try here
For Plextor
They’re all very good.
Best Buy BenQ DW1640 plenty of features inc Solid Burn - price :iagree:
If audio is your bag & money not too restricting Plextor PX716a would be next.
That leaves the Nec 3540a which seems unfair as this is a good drive (with L & D’s f/w excellent) solid performer if a little conservative in it native guise.
I have all three & for my needs its 1640 (1st) Nec (2nd)[L & D’s f/w 1.W5 :bow: ) 716 (3rd)