PX-716A USB external enclosure

Does anyone have an Plextor PX-716A and use a USB (not firewire) external enclosure with it? If so, which one do you use and how fast can you successfully burn? (i.e. can you at least make 4x or 8x?)

I’ve had problems with USB enclosures in the past, so I’m trying to get firsthand experience with the PX-716A if possible.

I’m moving this thread to the Plextor forum as you’ll likely get more answers there ;).

Anyhow: I never touched that set, but if your computer is equipped with USB2.0, burning DVDs at 8X shouldn’t be any problem (assuming that your harddrive can keep up of course).

I bought a USB 2.0 box for use with my spare PX-716A (see here ). The drive get’s recognized by Plextools Pro 2.28 as a PX-716UF and works fine.

Any USB 2.0 casing will do, assumming it is really USB 2.0 (have seen fake ones) and has an external power supply that will provide stable 12V power to the PX-716A. Of course, the drive does not work in DMA mode anymore, since it is on a USB host, but that does not mean it uses more CPU (OK, a little bit more but nothing extreme). Compatibility with Windows and Linux (SuSE Linux 10) is excellent, the drive works like it’s an internal one.

No problems at all.

Well, I was about 2 minutes from giving up and buying a PL3507 case (which I’m fairly certain isn’t linux compatible) when I stumbled across this NEO N525U2-SL-NEC:http://www.dealsonic.com/neon5sinecch.html

The website actually explicitly claims that it is compatible with the PX-716A! Plus it has a beefy power supply, which was another potential problem that people mentioned.

I don’t know if it’s linux-compatible yet or not (it claims it is not OSX compatible), but at least the chances are better than with the PL3507.

For the record: According to Plextor the 716 consumes 22.2W (probalby an averaged value).

well, i use nexstar II (usb2/1 or firewire) enclosure and everything is fine
and de-ehn is right about having usb 2.0 is way much faster than usb 1.0.
i use nec versa laptop p2 300mhz and for usb 1.0 u can only write at 4x speed or less where as usb 2.0 should be max upto 8x speed.

btw, im gonna start a new thread cauz my plextor 716aUF “in my opinion” is defective,
even tho the self-diagnostic says otherwise. bummer

I use the PX-716A with a Thermaltake USB2 enclosure. Works perfectly. I personnally burn my DVDs @ 8x and it works just fine. The burner is recognized as a PX-716UF.


I got the NEO N525U2-SL-NEC enclosure a couple of days ago and found that it works quite well on Windows and today I decided to do a little testing of it on Linux. My linux installation is pretty old so I decided to just download the latest Knoppix and try that instead. I started downloading the DVD version of Knoppix 4.0.2 but got impatient and so also downloaded Knoppix Games CD. I was initially dismayed when the 3.7 CD’s version of k3b burning software gave me “OPC failed” errors. However, when the 4.0.2 version of Knoppix finished downloading a few hours later I tried that and was surprised to find that it actually worked. I haven’t done extensive tests yet, but I was able to successfully burn both a CD and a DVD+R each with a single small file on it. So, if you’re looking for something Linux compatible, this might be your choice. So, at least for me, this has been $22 well spent!

p.s. I’m connecting the enclosure to a Thinkpad T41

Oh yeah, it appears that my enclosure has an NEC chipset, although in my very quick glance at it I didn’t see an chip model number that I recognized (I seem to remember AT2 or something like that being an NEC chipset and I don’t think I saw that, but I could be wrong)

Maybe I just missed it in the post you linked to, but I didn’t see which enclosure you were using where you were getting good Linux compatibility.

Since the PL3507 chipset seemed to have a long history of problems with Linux I was really worried about getting an enclosure that used that, but it seemed all the other chipsets didn’t consistently work well at all so that seemed the only option. Do you know which chipset your enclosure is based on? (just for the benefit of future people looking for linux-compatible enclosures)

hi guys,
i have gut a big mistake in my plextor px-716a .i bought it with a usb2.0 ecternal box .my DDR is 256 and my PC had also usb2.0 but when i write cds (and not DVD) i cant write them with speed more than 8X.in simulation it has no problem but when it beggining t write in the first 20% it failes the write operation.
now can anyone help me about this?

I have seen problems with external enclosures. If your external device interface has a Ali based USB-IDE adaptor, a promise or Plumax, it probably will not work at all. Some of those that do work, seem to quickly age the drive as some of the enclosures are not as efficent in remvoing heat.

Hi all,
I have px-716a and have tried to use it with Q-Tec enclosure. At first eveyrithing was ok, but on the other day the laptop was not any more able to recognize the device. I have tried with Win and Linux.
Windows sais: “No installed driver for this device” though USBSTOR.SYS is there and is installed. For example I don’t have any problem using LG CD Recorder wiht the same enclosure.

Can you help?


I purchased an Acomdata USB 2.0 enclosure on sale and put my 716A into it. Recognized as a 716A…and burns DVD+/- R at 8X with no problem…if I set to 8X and will do 10X total if I am willing to watch the speed dance up and down. Either way…the quality of the burns have been as normal…in the 95% range. At this point…I burn at 8X and am pretty happy with that on my laptop

The Acomdata enclosure has the Cypress chipset