Px 716a Un-FREAKING-real



I have owned 4 plextor drives. Starting all the way back 5 years ago when i had to save ALL my pennies to afford the earliest cd drives. Have always been impressed with Plextors quality and durability. But I’m sad so say that this latest drive is the biggest hunk of crap i have ever owned from any manufacturer. Not only will it not read cd’s burned from other drives, but this thing wont even read the 16X dvd that came with it after i burned it. I mean really, the damned dvd says “Plextor” on it, c’mon, unbelievable. Are you losing it Plextor? I’m not a believer in sending my merchandise to the manufacturer after i have made my purchase. I mean logically, all I’m really asking is that you provide the freaking service for which I have paid for. You have been great until now. But this drive is no better than a common Jap generic brand.


Contact the manufacturer, test your drive, if it fails have it replaced. Broken drives can happen, regardless of which company made it. If you need help, you’re welcome to ask for it here.


I would usually agree with you that people should try and get help from the manufacturer. That being said in the U.S.A. at least you can’t even get plextor to answere the phone or e-mail most of the time… I know they should still try but jees.


A solution for all these USA people is to live in Europe to have the very best help from Plextor.be…

Well just kidding Plextor maybe will loose a great market part in USA if it contiuosly ignore the users so much so I hope that something will be improved very soon in Plextor USA.

My PX716A just Rocks and I have no problem with that (except from the Jitter readout in CDr)


Then who else can you contact for replacement?

(At least in South Korea, not that difficult to visit the Plextor ODD importer’s office in Seoul directly. Free coffee and perhaps free media for tests as well.)


So explain to me why people in the USA should buy Plextor? :confused:


Because you can buy Plextor cheaper than in South Korea and most other countries. :bigsmile: