PX-716A tray?



I am just wondering if someone can answer this for me. I just bought a new 716A. I installed it, but have not attempted to burn anything. My question is this. When I hit the eject button, the tray starts to move out at a normal speed, but just before it reaches the end of its travel, it’s movement slows down alittle. But it moves all the way out and back very quietly.
Is this movement normal?



Mine does the same thing. My Plex Premium does it too. Sounds like this is normal behavior.


Yes… that is normal. I learned that the hard way. I thought something was wrong with my first 716A’s tray, and even returned it. But I found out that they all act this way. If you watch the tray closely, I’d bet you see that the tray shifts(just a “tad”) to one direction when the tray is almost done ejecting. Almost as if one side of the tray ejects further than the other. But this too is normal.


Yes ,this is normal I have 2 and their the same.


Thanks for the quick reply. I suspected it was normal, but just wanted to check. As I said before. I do not think I have ever used a drive that the tray was as quiet as this one.



I just want to chime in and say it is normal :slight_smile: I thought it may have been broken as well.


Mine does the same…


You can use PlexTools to set the tray eject speed to whatever you want it to be and save the changes to the drive. My 716a ejects and closes fast, by default the behavior is a slow eject and close.


Yes is this normal I’ve installed three PX-716 (1 A, and 2 SA) over the past week and they all do the exact same thing: like what [H]itman said, when you eject the tray, right before it fully ejects the tray kinda pushes out a little more on one side (the right side). However from what I’ve noticed, if you enable Silent Mode, the tray will eject evenly without the little tod-to-one-side at the end, regardless how fast or slow you set the eject and close speed.