PX-716A - Tray Issue?

I just bought a PX-716A and noticed that the tray when ejected comes out normally at first, but when it fully extends it tilts to the left and very slightly down. I read in the FAQs that the 716 trays push out further on one side, but was concerned that my tray mechanism might be damaged. Is this normal, do I need to return it for an exchange? I have an older plextor CD burner where the tray mechanis is very tight.

So far, I have noticed no problems in functionality (i.e., no bad DVD burns, etc.), so I guess that this is really just a petty issue.

If you don’t have any problems, I would keep it. You have 2 years (?) of warranty, so if it fails later, you can still send it to Plextor.

I don’t know if the behaviour you described is “normal” though. My 716A tilts to the left at the very end of the ejection as well (but not down, as far as I can see), so it could be normal. I’ve used the drive a lot already, and I still can’t see any further problems.

Thanks Lord V,
This is a petty issue, and my drive has never made a coaster in the short time that I have owned it, so I guess that I’m good for the time being. My concern is probably unwarranted.

This has been reported by a number of people ever since the drive came to the marked more than a year ago. I’ve neven seen a report where this behaviour actually led to failure or sub par working of the unit. It seems to be ‘normal’ by all means.

Slight correction … only one year of warranty in North America. We apparently have lots of room for landfills/dumps and don’t want crappy year-old products cluttering our monster homes.:bigsmile:

Enabling Silent Mode will remedy this (you can set all the speeds to max so you won’t actually slow the drive down).

Good luck man!
I am waiting for my RMA return!