PX-716A: TE/FE Required after Firmware Upgrade!

I was having some trouble with my PX-716 after upgrading from FW 1.02 to 1.03. High quality media (such as MCC004) that had worked before, now had very strange burns. Previously, I always did a TE/FE of every media I tested before burning, but never really thought much about it. It wasn’t until I noticed some comments in the latest beta firmware thread that I realized what was going on: the PX-716 requires a TE/FE scan of ALL media–even known types–to recalibrate PowerRec after every firmware upgrade.

Below are a few before and after samples of MCC004 burned at 16X. Please note that the TE/FE test indicated that the media should not be burned at the highest speed.

At any rate, the moral of the story for the PX-716 is, TE/FE each of your disc brands before you burn them after an upgrade. This appears to be true for the beta firmware as well.

PIE jumped after FE/TE test, but PIF is fixed… Maybe just for that particular disk? I still don’t see much different doing FE/TE test before burn.

btw Beeder, why does your drive started at 4.31x? Mine started at around 6x with fw 1.03.

Check your Autostrategy-Database and clear it. This may be help.

Wich TLA# has your drive ?


You don’t need to do an FE/TE before every burn, only once for the brand of media (probably best to do once before every new stack of discs). This is really bizarre, but I had several bad burns until I did the FE/TE, then everything is “normal” for the PX-716. I haven’t tested it yet, but I suspect if I “downgrade” to FW 1.02, then do and FE/TE with 1.02, then upgrade to 1.03 and try to burn a disc, the strange behavior will return. I think they changed some aspects of PowerRec calibration from 1.02 to 1.03 that caused this.

Also, Plextools always reports a start speed of 4.31X for my drive, but Nero CD/DVD speed always reports 6X. Maybe that’s the difference.

My drive is TLA#0101. My Autostrategy database is clear (cleared after upgrading). Strange behavior (and PIF area at 3GB) only happened until I did a single TE/FE on MCC004. Other brands weren’t affected by this, so far as I can tell (but I may have done a TE/FE on them before burning without thinking it will have this kind of impact).

very very interesting observations Breeder. i haven’t been burning any of my MCC004s (waiting for official 1.04 to come out), but running FE/TE tests before each of my posted tests seeing marginal differences in burn quality from older tests done w/out running FE/TE tests.

i will overcome my “save the MCC004s and use my TYT02s” approach and do some more testing…more soon…


I got bad burns, actually coasters, after running FE/TE on TYG02. Haven’t tried other media yet.
Here is before running FE/TE test, on TYG02 8x DVD-R @16x PR OFF http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=832493&postcount=196

Below if after running FE/TE, on TYG02 8x DVD-R @16x PR OFF


The TE/FE test supposedly calibrates PowerRec, so if PowerRec is off as in your burns above it shouldn’t have any effect. Your burns afterward, however, seem a little worse so maybe this is just media variation or a quirk in the beta firmware (I’m still using 1.03–I can check TY T02 00, but I don’t have TY G02).


I posted some FE/TE scans in plextor 716 1.03 thread


have close look at the TYG02 716 FE/TE scan and same disk scanned on benQ 1620

I had made a test with 1j04 with a new MCC004 . This drive never see an MCC004 before. I had only run a “Media Quality Check” at 16x . This check say “good” . The results can be found at the 1j04 FW-Thread.
I think the “Media Quality Check” with 1j04 is always a good indicator for maximum writing speed.


I already noticed posts by “JeanLuc!” and "Maximum Overdrive " in this other thread claiming similar results by using the FE/TE test:

If these results can be reproduced every time on a bigger amount of tests and medias it is really something interesting
and I would like to know if on the PX-716A drive it is in any way connected with the Autostrategy feature ?