PX-716A stopped formatting DVD+R

Everything about the 716A was just fine until a couple of days ago. I use it mainly for backups, weekly and monthly. Last week - 23 Nov - all was OK but yesterday - 30 Nov - formatting a new DVD+R (with DLA) failed with the un-numbered error “general error”. The disks are Memorex 16x. My laptop, which has a relatively slow combo drive, will format and write to these disks without failure.

Disks I’ve tried and failed to format on the PX-716A are then useless on the laptop too.

To try to get my weekly and monthly backups done, I formatted a disk on the laptop and then ran the backup on the desktop (716A). The backup appeared to write OK but the subsequent check of the backup failed to read all but 36MB of the 850MB written.

The CD/DVD Test of PlexTools Pro v2.35 shows Read Error (code 031105) on all positions from 400 onwards.

Can anyone help, please?

I’m not sure to understand fully your problem, but is DLA a packet writing software? If I’m not wrong, these softwares works only with rewritable media, and not with regular R (plus or minus) discs.

For what I know, you can’t format a +/- R disc. Sorry if I’m wrong :flower:

Yes, DLA enables drag-and-drop of files to the DVD (or CD). In the DLA tab of the Properties of the drive, “Enable DLA on your drives” is ticked. Quick Format can then be used on DVD+/-R, Full Format is only required for DVD+/-RW.

The original problem was that the drive won’t format a DVD+R, now I’ve discovered it won’t format a DVD+RW either. Both these actions were OK last month.

All relevant firmware and software is the latest/current version.
Windows XP Pro SP2
Sonic DLA
Plextor PX716A firmware v1.10

It could be a damaged drive. I read about many users complaining about a fast damaging of this drive :frowning:

How can I confirm its the drive?

Run the self test as described in the manual or here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767#general-defective . You could also use any other burning-software (the Plextools that came with the drive, for example) to do a burn to test if it’s a software issue of your other software.

Also are we talking about the Sonic DLA software that is part of Roxio as their packet writing solution like here: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/dla/overview.html ?

If yes, I’d strongly reccommend you [B]NOT[/B] to use packet writing software for backup purposes on optical media. It’s simply not suited for that purpose and neither R or RW DVD media are suited for packet writing. Don’t get suckered in by promises of some software companies that offer a software solution for something that was never meant to be in the first place.

If you need a harddrive-like storage in DVD form factor, you should look at DVD-RAM. However be advised that RAM, while better than RW, is not really suited for backup purposes either (at least IMHO, some people think otherwise).

It still fails with other burning software.
I’ve now tried most facilities and it won’t write to any media, it’ll just read CD-R, nothing else, so I’ve now sent Plextor a RMA request.

Many thanks for your help.