PX-716A self diagnostic test duration

I think my PX-716A has problems reading a CD at 20-48 CAV. I noticed that it slows often down to 4X. (Once slowed down it stays at 4x)
So I did a self diagnostic test and it took 26 min. to complete. (Disc was ejected after test and no blink error code).

Are 26 min normal??? I thought it should take around 9 min.

What are ur experiences? Is the drive defective? This is a real annoying drive!!


The drive will begin to run the self-diagnostic test. During this time, the drive will continue to blink green/orange in rapid succession. This process takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.

If the drive LED begins flashing orange in 3-blink cycles, then the disc you loaded is not a blank CD-R disc.

If this is the case, remove the CD-R disc, power down your system, and perform steps 9-12 again.

After finishing the diagnostic, the disc will eject if there is no drive failure detected. You have a working drive.

This is right from the Plextor website. Your drive has no blink codes so I would suggest checking to make sure your drive is in DMA Mode. Run a write speed test (speed read enabled) with Plextools or a transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed (preferably with a couple of different discs) Also a burst test with CD-DVD Speed should give about 40mb/s.