PX-716A RMA turnaround 7 days...Here are some results (1)

PX-716A TLA 0202 December 2004 purchased 1/7/05 died on 6/16/05. Sent to Plextor via RMA. Received a PX-716A TLA 0202 dated November 2004 Came flashed with firmware 1.04…I flashed to 1.06 and am leaving it there:

Did a burn with YUDEN000 TO2 8X DVD+R…here are some results.

Good luck with the new drive :wink:

Results are looking good. I’m kind of jealous of Zevia’s burns with fw1.04. Those are looking really good. I assume you had to pay for shipping there? If so, who did you use and how much was it? Also, do you have any idea if it’s normal for Plextor to send back one of the same TLA? I’ve read others that Rma’d sometimes got the same TLA back, and sometimes got different ones. About how many burns would you say the old drive had on it?

Sorry for the questions, but I’m curious, just in case the RMA path ever reaches me (hope it never does, but, one can never know). :stuck_out_tongue:

First off…I have to send the second drive back. For some reason…each burn gets slower and slower…talked to Dave in Tech Support…had me turn off auto strategy and the drive won’t burn MCC004 any faster than 10X before slowing down to 4X. TY is a bigger joke. There is obviously something wrong with the replacement drive as well. This time…Plextor is sending a pickup tag with UPS to pay shipping both ways.

Note on the first drive. I sent it two day FEDEX and it cost me $18 to get the drive to Ohio. They received it on Friday of last week and shipped this drive UPS Ground that I received it today 6/23.

Second drive won’t burn any media faster than 12X. I blew through at least 5 TY’s and another 8 or 9 MMC 004…

My old drive MAYBE had 75 burns on it before failing. That’s being liberal. I did mostly DVD+R DL burns with it. My main 16X single layer burning is done on my NEC ND-3500A


Plextor Tech, Dave, last evening told me that there would be a call tag with UPS to pick up the new, faulty drive. UPS shows up has NO idea what I am talking about. So I call Plextor…they tell me, now, that it could take up to 10 days for UPS to come and pick up…WOW! So I have already had a hole in my system for the past week…and could have one for up to another two weeks or so…NOT WORTH IT! I am really done with Plextor. If and when the drive comes back…I will put it in my secondary system, where I don’t have to use it all that much. I am going to get another NEC, BenQ or Pioneer for the new drive. This is ridiculous. I have purchased Plextor for many years…guess nothing matters but the $$$$$


That’s too bad but it seems to be the theme recently. I too have had write problems with my drive and when I emailed tech support, they gave me some generic answer about updating the firmware (I had already told them it was the most recent, 1.07 at the time), using recommended media (I was and had noted that in my post) and turning off background programs (there aren’t any running) and defragmenting (tried it).

I wont be buying a plextor again. Luckily this one was only $60 after rebates and does a decent job as long as I use only TY02. My next drive will be an NEC most likely…

I intend to fill this nice gaping hole in the front of my machine with the BenQ DW1640 IF it ever gets to the states. I have a distributor looking for it for me…the drive looks GREAT. I can get a Plextor PX-740A today…but WHY? If I am having problems with Plextor and tech support…why ask for more issues…and the Benq is about 60% of the price of the Plextor version of the same drive. If the BenQ tanks…I didn’t spend that kind of money getting into it…Obviously, you DON’T get what you pay for with Plextor, anymore. I realize that to keep the cost of the drives down, everyone cuts corners…but not at the cost of functionality


Bob, thanks for the s/h information on FedEX. I’m very sorry to hear how few burns it had on it before it failed (75 is very low). At least the good news is that the NEC is going strong. But I’m very sorry to hear about you royally getting the short end. Anything like that is scary, because if a company with Plextor’s former rep ‘tanks’ like that, makes you wonder how much the management changed from what it used to be to now be so ugly to end users.

@ucd. Wow, when it rains, it pours. What a generic and uncaring answer to someone like you who already gave them details. What TLA is your drive, if you don’t mind me asking? Mine’s a TLA 307, and aside from the fact autostrategy seems to only ‘remember’ with successive burns (and forgets previous burns of the same kind after you stop burning), at least my burns are overall what they should be.

For what little it’s worth, I’m sorry for both of you guys. I’d rather get gut punched, b/c anyone could get over that faster than having to put up with that.

Heh I’d rather be punched too (or at least be able to punch/slap them, then go buy an NEC). My TLA is 0304 and I bought it in March at best buy.

I was considering trying to RMA it but after reading from people who have tried it, it doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll just stick with TY02. I am just a little disappointed that my drive doesn’t burn any other disc I’ve tried (the exception is the 16x verbatim dvd+r that came with the drive) at it’s rated speed without a PI/PO scan with the errors going up to 1000 or more.

My TLA on the original drive was 0202. The TLA on the replacement drive was 0202. I specifically asked Tech Support if they sent out refurbs for replacement…he stated pretty much NOT. If you get a refurb…it will state a TLA like R0202. Now, I just sit and wait until UPS decides to come pick this drive up. Then I figure another week to ten business days…probably won’t see another PX-716A until mid July…maybe. I expect the BenQ will be available way before that…


Well, that means you have the same TLA as I bought, since the only difference in it is the last 2 #'s, indicating the firmware that came with it. Yours came with 1.04 and mine with 1.07, so it’s very sad yours isn’t performing better, ucd. :sad:

@Bob, while a bit off topic, if you get a BenQ 1640 (that’s the one I’m assuming you might get), I’d like to know how it turns out. Send me a PM, since I suppose you’ll be posting your scans and comments then in the BenQ forum. Although I had my reservations about BenQ (formerly Acer), that burner is sounding more and more intriguing, especially if it really improves on the DW1620.

I will, as soon as I know what I will be able to get. My guy called me on Saturday 6/25 and said that he had the Plextor PX-740A’s in stock…but not the BenQ’s yet. I will see what the next week brings. Plextor put out a call tag on Thursday evening to pick up this PX-716A…UPS has not yet come to get it…hopefully Monday…


Yeesh. I once had a problem like that with UPS, but it was with a domestic package I had refused. The problem was UPS left it at the door, but did not have me sign off on it (the guy was in a hurry, unloaded it and left), so they had no signature saying I had inspected and accepted the package. I had to call UPS to come get the package, as the company (I forget who it was now) called me asking why I had filed a dispute with AMEX. :confused: I told them about the package and guess what…? UPS told them I still had the package, although UPS had already picked it up and UPS just decided to leave it in one of its warehouses. I suppose the short moral of the story is that even when a company tells UPS to do something, UPS can sometimes experience a ‘brain drain.’ :eek:

What was the inital problem with the Plextor 716 drive? Slow burns?

I’m having a separate issue, with the same drive, and got a replacement that also doesn’t work.


Wow. The news with the RMAs just keeps getting better and better. :rolleyes:

OK…here’s the latest. Received replacement drive #2 today (7/6). Had tech Ben on the line when the drive TANKED! Seems that it would start burning normally until 7X then jitter went out of control and the drive could not burn faster than 2X. I have had it with the 716. Too many toys built in to go wrong. Ben immediately issued me another RMA…jeez…this time the bad drive was TLA 0304 built in Jan 2005…I had to flash the firmware to 1.08. Then Ben had me backflash to 1.06…no success. I have another call tag coming to pick up and guess another week to 10 days before I see another drive. Ben assures me that this time he will get a supervisor to hand check the one sent to me…big deal…UPS could be doing the damage for all I know…this has gotten way out of hand. Am tempted to try the NEC 3540 or the Pioneer A09X…


Wow. From ‘shameful behavior’ on the part of Plextor Corp. with Alexnoe and Zeb to the ‘shameful’ replacements, this is ridiculous to the Nth degree. I’m starting to wonder if anyone knows how to check these drives to make sure they are quality and working properly. They should be so :o :o :o :o for putting anyone through what you’re experiencing. :o :o :o

What really got to me…I thought that maybe it was my computer:

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe with 1 GB SDRAM
WD 10,000 RPM Raptor 74 GB SATA Drive
NEC ND-3500A on IDE 1 as Master
Plextor PX-716A on IDE 2 as Master

Win XP Pro SP-2
Latest version of Nero

So I formatted my hdd…and installed from scratch thinking that something might have corrupted my IDE 2 settings (still said UDMA 4)…nothing…still tanked…Ben was pretty nonchalant about the fact that oftentmes the replacement drives are defective…they why keep sending call tags and UPS both ways…after the first, I was NOT gonna pay for shipping…now everything is UPS ground…

Long story short…Ben asked me to do a burn with CD/DVD Speed 4.0 on both the Plex and NEC…NEC did the burn in 5:50 with a beautiful curve to it…drive still cooks. The Plex got to less than 20 seconds into the burn with Power Rec kicked in and dropped the speed from 7.2X to 2.2X and stayed there…Ben got alarmed…I stopped the burn…rebooted and did another…same thing. Evidently, Power Rec is screwy…My first drive worked for five months with no issues until I updated the firmware from 1.06 to 1.08…then all Hell broke loose…with the death of the drive. Second replacement had TLA 0202 with firmware 1.05 installed. Third drive 0304 with 1.04 firmware. In both cases, I flashed to get the full value of the drive…LOL! I really want a Benq 1640 at this point…but don’t expect to see any here in the states for a while. Then there is the NEC 3540…which, if it is half the drive my 3500 is…maybe I should really consider. The only upside to the Benq or NEC is the 8X DL burn speed. I would consider the Plex PX-740A, but I am really leery of Plextor at this point. I have bought their drives over the years…and spent more for the quality…I really think the playing field has leveled off…the 716A impressed me, initially…now I wouldn’t pay $35 for one…