PX-716A - Ridata 16x dvd+r?

Anyone have any success with this brand? Used it in the past with 8x. Found them cheap for 16x, and considering buying. Would like anyones input.

Stay away from any Ritek and/or Ridata.


Ritek DVD media is mediocre at best. Stick to Mitsubishi/Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, especially with Plextor drives.

Thought verbatim was cheap (as they are sold at retail stores at cheap prices)

That’s the beauty of Verbatim in the US, quality discs at bargain prices.

I actually bought a 100 pack ($20 shipped) spindle of the ridata (id: ritek f16) and agree the scans on plextors is terrible and rendered my first burn unusable. However burning the ridata on my lite-on @ 8x gave me an avg PIE score of under 1.00. @16X it was a little over 3.00. Both discs were usable.

I concluded, and I think I read this elsewhere on here, that plextors perform best with the best media. save the cheap media for cheaper more mainstream drives.

Actually I take what I said back. The Plextor FW does not support ritek f16. And my first burn was creating an autostrategy during the bad burn. My next burn on the plextor had an avg PIE of .59 which surprisingly scores much better than Verbatim MCC 004! I’ll post some pics.

First burn is Plextor:
AS: ON (entry already created)
PR: ON (not used)
media ID: ritek f16
burn speed 8x. however AS reduced it to 6x: 11 min

2nd burn is lite on @ 8X: 8 min

3rd burn is lite on @ 16X: 5 min