PX-716A: Read and Writing Quality depends on temperature(!?)



PX-716A: Read and Writing Quality depends on temperature(!?)

After I started using my new px-716a I noticed that when doing the transfer Rate Test every DVD I burned had a rather big “down spike” (or worse) after the first 250 Megs of the DVD.

After a while it became clear to me that the more the px716a reaches its “operational temperature” (after burning and scanning several DVD’s) the more (and the bigger) irregularities, changes in reading speed, the The transfer Rate Test-graph shows. And the Bigger the first Down spike becomes (at about 250 megs or a speed of about 5.50x.)
See the first picture, it shows you the typical Transfer Rate graphs when the pc is at operating temperature.

Since the reading abilities are influenced by the temperature of the plextor, I wanted to know if that was also the case with the writing-quality.
Therefore I burned a DVD directly after switching on the pc in the morning, by doing so the unit was still “cold” (about 17 Degrees Celsius) when starting the writing process.
I repeated this the second morning.
To make the results as reliable as I could, I used the best media I had (verbatim DVD+R 8x burned @8x, MCC003)
After that, I did the “Transfer rate test” and the “PIE test”.
First of all it showed me that no matter how often I scanned the DVD, the down spike at about 250 Megs was gone(!).
The other thing that was different with the “cold-burned DVD’s” was that the little increase in PI-errors in the first 500 Megs of every Verbatim I had burned so far, was gone as well.

Conclusion: when I want to burn a DVD as good as is possible with this plextor then I have to do it when the plextor is relatively cold.
This means that I can only burn one or perhaps two DVD’s in the morning directly after turning on the pc.
On warm summers days I cannot burn DVD’s at all, when I want them as flawless as possible.

I don’t like this…
Is this normal behaviour for this 716A-Plextor DVD-burner?



The performance of a drive can degrade once the drive is warmed-up. Probably a marginal electronic device inside the drive.


This is definitely not normal behavior (provided that your PC doesn’t exceed the operational temperature for the drive inside–which would mean inadequate ventilation). My PX-716A has been on continuously since mid-November 2004, and many, many burns are all clean.


Well, I am 100% positive that temperature effects reading/writing somehow. My burnt Princo discs (yes, the worst media you can possible have XD) only read on certain days when the temperature is just right. Their PIF scans peak around 1500, with at least 1000 or so POF errors. They only read in the burner that burned them, and you have to kind of… coax them to read. The right temperature seems to play a key factor in making them read. Sometimes I put them under my pillow at night and ask the CD-fairy to make em read the next day… lmao


Furballi,Beeder&UNGH thanks all for responding.

When it is only the reading-ability that a is a bit negatively influenced by an “increased temperature”, I would not mind it that much.
But that first down spike is due to somesort of a “writing-error/flaw”.
And that should not happen.

As it seems I am the only one with a 716a that has this particular problem?

The average temperature inside the case is roughly between 27C/80F and 31C/88F depending on the workload I give the CPU.
On summers days the temp in my room can become 30C so that would mean that the temp inside the case will certainly become higher than the 30C perhaps 35C or more (I guess).

I think I better write Plextor an email, and see what they have to say about it.


Those are very cool temps I must say. Asus Probe is showing 35C for the mobo and 40C for the CPU on my system right now with little CPU load.


Neo- yes, you should contact Plextor. Sounds like a replacement is in order–those temps are very low and well within spec. There has to be a marginal part inside.


I’m burning 25 discs in a row with no rest between them right now. I’ll report my findings when i’m done. (Gah, reburning everything is a pain, damn princo…)


can imagine thats not the nicest thing you can do with your spare time.
When you are finished can you post perhaps one or two Read Transfer Rate Graphs, made with Plextools? Im interested to know how they look like.

I too thought that the temperatures were not too high. But then again I have no idea what the limits are.


can imagine thats not the nicest thing you can do with your spare time.
Hehe, yeah, it sucks having to reburn everything :frowning:

K im done, I burned it all yesterday, buuuut was too tired (stayed up till 5am) to scan and post.

Attached are (each graph was done on top of the others):

  1. Read transfer rate of 1st disc
  2. Read transfer rate of 10th disc
  3. Read transfer rate of 17th disc (this one was burnt to the very end)
  4. Read transfer rate of 22nd disc

Also here is a link to a post of the PI/PO scan of the 17th disc, very VERY good @_@

From what I can tell, my drive is not having the issues you are having. I burned 22 discs one right after the other, and now I read those four discs one right after the other, and no speed degradation occurs for me.


Your Data Transfer graphs are indeed looking great.
So does the PI/PO test !

Thanks for your input UNGH, thats much appreciated!

Now I can use this thread aswell when I write Plextor an email about the problem with my 716A.

Perhaps Im overasking but I can always try :slight_smile: , UNGH, could you perhaps do a Data Tranfser test of one of the last dvd’s you burned, 3 times in a row?
And let me know if there is any difference in the graphs?

Its my last request, I promise :slight_smile:


sure, no problem :smiley:

Here is a picture of Disc 20 scanned four times in a row with no wait between scans. The third scan (in blue) has that up and down spike near the 2GB mark because I was doing other things on my comp at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your help UNGH! :slight_smile:

The graphs once again look great, exactly the way they should be!