PX-716A Question

I want to buy a new dvd writer and im thinking to get this plextor.
Is the 716A a good writer after the new fw 1.04 update?

for those who will suggest other drives,the prices of the 716A/NEC 3500/BenQ 1620 are very close here (all retail no oem drives) so i really dont know what to choose.
i already excluded the nec because there is no disc quality check so im about to choose between the benq and the plex.which one has a better quality on the good quality media? which one has a better build quality?

Thanks for the help guys!

I would highly reccomend the 716

& I have owned the BenQ 1620, AOpen 16x ± (cant remember the model number, proves how much I liked it) and the PX 716.

The 716 copes better with problomatic discs than the BenQ (Both reading and writing), it also has alot more features to play with.

If you want to get the job done fast and very good, I’d highly recommend the Benq 1620.
I have both drives : the Benq is far more mature on firmware and writing quality.

I have the feeling that the 716 is still in development phase and still needs some work done by Plextor before it is really ready for the consumer market.

Still in development like firmware or like hardware?

Still the same old argument. I’ve had nothing but good burns on my 716s…couldn’t be happier. Some initial hardware issues with the drive for some, but firmware updates (which all drives have-or should have) have improved quality and speed. Any issues are still mainly due to crappy media or media that varies in quality from one geographic area to another, even for the same MID. Get a brand of media that burns good in yours and stick with it. Just cause a MID works for someone in the UK doesn’t mean the same MID will work great for some guy in Podunk.

Thanks for the inputs guys.I’ll try to read more before deciding which one to buy.

I say Benq dw1620 with B7P9 fw!!!

FujiFilm 8X dvd+r (Tayio Yuden) burned at 12X


not bad ehhh!!!


Yes. :iagree: At least for only 10+ media I tested.
I see also perfect burns with DL media.

I would recommend getting the Plextor TY per your PM. Is it the 8x rated? -R or +R?

its the 8X + R (YUDEN000T02).
from what i’ve seen,even poor media which isnt in the firmware burns great with AS ON which is good.I’ll keep checking the posts for the next few days then i’ll go for it.

Thanks for the great effort zevia :slight_smile:

Plextor T02 with gold finish? :bow:
I got only 2 of them that came with my 712A. Can’t find them here.

i borked the one (gold Plex T02) that came with my first 716…2nd 716 came with Verbatim MCC004 :frowning:


what’s the deal with the 5 pack being $15+ some places and $3.90 on futurepc.com? pretty big price difference.

thanks for the links Two Degrees (knew about newegg, but wasn’t about to pay $3 per disc).

they’re over priced,i know.but they are the only TY i can get,10$ for the 5 pack.

Okay! I got my drive today.
PX-716A TLA 0202 Manufactured Nov 2004.

i have a question about plextools qcheck tests,how can i show the test duration and other info you guys post as a part of the image?

here is what i get when i save the scan result as an image:
by the way,it is an MBI 8X burnt at 8X with 708A

hey NoLimit…you can adjust the scale of the graph under preferences…it’s a bit easier to see the plotting of the errors if you make it 100 (for that scan). instead of saving the the result as an image, most of us save it as HTML (which will include an image) that we view in a browser, then screenshot to post.

I kept it set to 500 because i saw that in OC-Freak review i guess.
and thanks for the tip,it worked!!

Congratulations Nolimit!

My previous record was a Lite-On 832s, and wasnt bad, but with Plextor, my worry´s only star when PIE/PIO gets more than 100!! With weird media, or even some good media, that was almost "normal" in the Lite...now, with Plex its rare to go beyond 100…:-))))))


Thanks Mordorr.
Plextors seem to like those moser baer media! burns well!