PX-716A quality scans

I just installed my new PX-716A in an external Profilic Firewire case and did a burn using TDK 8x +R (TDK002).
The burn went OK, but after scanning the disk using Plextools v2.19a, I noticed a “not so good” result. :frowning:
For reference, I also scanned the same disk using my PX-712A : complete different result !!! :confused: :confused:

Is this normal ? Why are the results of the quality scanning so different ? :eek:
(px-712 has 1.05 fw, PX-716 has 1.0c04 beta firmwire)

The left is using PX-716a and the right one using PX-712a

Try scanning with 1.03 for the 716A, just to see if it makes a difference. Also, what accuracy did you scan them at?

This is normal if you have the 716 with older hardware revision (TLA 00xx or TLA 01xx). What is the TLA# for your 716? You can see from the box or on the drive itself. In addition to hostile_monk suggestion, if problem still exists you might want to exchange with newer TLA (ie TLA 02xx).

Zevia, the plextor master! Oh well, I tryed to help. Always forget something…

I just bought the drive today : I knew I should buy TLA 0202 or later. (I was lurking here sometimes, I mean quite often :o :iagree: )
The drive I bought is TLA0202, couldn’t find TLA030x… are these already on the shelves ?

s/n : 20295x (both on the dive & box + reported by Plextools)

Do you have similar scans with your 712 and 716 ? What fw. versions do you have ?

Dont be discourage HM, your suggestion is right, and I was just adding to your suggestion.

I thought I have comparison scans somewhere, but I can’t find it in “scans” in my sig. I need to be more organized…

I used “good accuracy” for both the PX-712 and the PX-716.
Will try the 1.03 fw now.

Same prob here PX-712 scans are better than PX-716(0202/1.03) scans the graph is ok but say ‘twice higher’ i maild to Plextor but no answer jet !!

Ok, I found it here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=794767&postcount=122
In the link above you can also see comparison scans 716 TLA00xx vs 712, here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=740210&postcount=74

I haven’t tried to compare again ever since tho.

I got a lot more difference : PIE max = 18 on the 712a and 323 on the PX-716a !! :rolleyes: :confused:

Got the same result using the 1.03 fw.
My 2nd PX-712 (yep, everything in double :wink: ) gives similar results as my first 712, so I guess both the 712’s are right and the 716 is just plain wrong.

(disk is ok : KProbe 242 on LiteON 832s, CDSpeed 3.61 on Benq 1620 are all good scans, read curve from NEC3500 is a smooth straight line up to 16x)

make a CD-R Jitter test and post it my PX-716 CD-R Jitter scan was realy bad

I tried to scan the same disc on a 712 TLA 0103 and a 716 TLA 0203. Both discs looked the same. No difference. :slight_smile:


Are these burns done using Nero or Plextools? First, be sure there is no strange behavior in your write transfer rate that happens on the 716 but not on the 712.

All done by CDSpeed to be sure that the transferspeed to the Plex is not influenced by HD-speed.
(note : use WD 74 10.000rpm HD though, which should be more then fast enough).
Anyway, for my test the data is transfert directly from memory to the Firewire 1394 bus (PX-716) or to the PCI bus for the PX-712, no HD involved here.
I know UDMA 2 and higher use some kind of CRC’ing for the data being transfert : is this also the case for 1394A ?

I’m gone connect the external PX-716 to my Firewire 800 (1394B) controller and see if this gives any difference.

Here are my CD-R Scans !!

I tried almost everything within my power to make the PX- 716 work :
connected to a different systeem (P4 based), connect to onboard IDE
controllers and tested in external case (firewire /usb2.0), but no avail.

The drive was almost DOA as it doesn’t read any CD or DVD anymore : when I
insert a CD/DVD (blank, pressed, written), the drive is unable to read anything
and the LED turns amber and blinks in sequences of 2 blinks.

Plextor does put a lot of bad drives on the market : their QA is just worthless ! Do they even have a QA dept. ??? :confused::confused:
This my 4th Plextor DVD-writer : have 708A, 2x 712A and now 716.

From every purchase, I had to RMA the first drive, the replacement I got each
time was always a lot better. This means buying 4 dvd-rw from Plextor is 4
times RMA !!! Unbelievable !!
:Z :Z :Z :a

did you purchase all 4 from the same retailer? if so, i’d switch where you get them from. if not, sounds like you’ve got really bad luck. i’ve had 4 plextor drives and all work just fine out of the box.

Premium from Newegg
708UF from Best Buy (NYC)
2x716A from Best Buy (1 upstate NY, 1 NYC).