Px-716a probs with dvd+rw 8x

I used the ricoh dvd+rw 8x with the px-716a.
The burner write the disc, but after the burn ther is no data on the disc!

i checked with plextools, the disc is empty!

DVD+RW 4x and DVD-RW 4x make no troubles!

no one with a dvd+rw 8x here?

I’ll bet most people have not even seen a DVD+RW 8X disc yet. I can’t find one for sale in the USA at all.

Need a little bit more information from you to make a more educated guess as to your problem. Baring some kind of bizarre problem with your RW disc, are you able to burn a DVR+/-R, CD-R and/or CD+RW disc since noticing this problem? If you can burn other types of media then maybe it is the disc or the firmware’s write strategy (could the disc be a fake?). If you can’t burn anything else then you might have a deeper issue with the burner.

What software are you using to burn discs? I once had a similar problem when i “thought” the disc was burned to but in reality I was “burning” an image onto the harddrive. Somehow I had changed from my DVD burner to “Image Recorder” in the drop down box in the upper righthand corner in Nero.

I have exactly one piece of MKM/Verbatim DVD+RW 8X media (MKM A03) given to me for evaluation, and I have successfully burned it at 8X for the first time in my PX-716A with 1.08 firmware. I used Nero for the burn in WinXP SP2.

I don’t have any Ricoh DVD+RW 8X media so I cannot try duplicating this problem.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=144300 .


You may be one of the only consumers in USA to have 8X DVD+RW!

Can you post a Plextool or PxScan scan of the disc to http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=142795? I know a few of us would like to see it since Alexnoe’s scans of the media in the 716A have been rather dissappointing to say the least.

I can burn all othe rmedias without a problem.DVD+RW4x,DVD-RW 4x and all kind of cds and dvds.
The only problem is the dvd+rw 8x.
The burn start and end correctly.But the disc is empty!

I cant erase, because plextools and nero find only a empty disc.


Should we assume you can write to other discs just fine since the problem with the DVD+RW 8X disc occured, and that you have tried writing to the disc with both Nero and PlexTools without success? If neither or both of these is correct please say so. Also, make sure Nero is properly setup as I stated in the earlier post.

Also, I see that you use an Nforce4 motherboard. Although I have not experienced this, there has been a great deal of talk about problems using nvidia IDE drivers. The suggestion has always to revert to Intel IDE drivers if a firmware update for both motherboard and burner do not solve your issue. There may be other issues specific to your motherboard for which I have no idea since I don’t own one. You may want google your motherboard for forums to troll for others with similar problems.

Additionally, I see you also have a NEC-3500. Plextor 716A does not play nice with other peripherals on the same IDE channel ribbon/data cable unless the 716A is “Master” and the other peripheral is “Slave”. Also, it has been suggested to not put the 716A on the same IDE channel as a harddrive.

The Plextor 716A also prefers to be configured to UDMA 4 in Device Manager.

Why not try burning the disc at a slower speed, say 4X, and then look at it with PlexTools or PxScan to check for errors. Nero CD-DVD Speed has a standardized “Create Data Disc” that will fill the disc automatically for testing. If Nero CD-DVD “Create Data Disc” can write to the disc, then it’s probably operator error. Or, maybe, you just got a bad disc.

When all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the software/hardware. You could also try the Plextor’s self-test to determine if the drive is functioning properly - see your manual for details how. Last ditch is to return the defective media/hardware.

That pretty much does it for my knowledge base. Good luck.

To Microsoft drivers. :wink:

i dont think that the nvidia drivers make the problem, because all other discs write perfectly.
Thats the funny thing.

The NEC is on the sec channel and the Plextor on the pri. channel.
Nero is up to date with and the newest nforce is also installed.

Thats my third RMA drive and i think to sell this drive now.
With NEC i had no problems all the time since NEC2500

Lord Voldemort:

A glaring mistake. Thanks for the correction. :stuck_out_tongue: (for lack of a better emoticon for embarassed)


Go through the list of possible fixes I wrote. I would move the 716A to the secondary IDE channel and make it the master: Plextor thinks this is VERY IMPORTANT and so should you. You could try either the Plextor sef-diagnostic test to see if the drive itself is bad and not worth fiddling around with anymore, or, easily uninstall the nVidia IDE drivers and install the Microsoft IDE drivers first to see if that does the job. Maybe your drive is fine and the media is crap. Did you try writing it at a slower speed or use Nero CD-DVD Speed “Create Data Disc”?

People are trying to help you but you don’t seem to be helping yourself. Just start going through the list. I know you don’t want to (you would have already done some of it at least) otherwise you may never know the problem could have been easily fixed and you can enjoy the drive.