PX-716A Power Calibration Error

i haven’t burnt a disc for about two weeks and today i tried burning a dvd+r and i started getting “Power Calibration Error”.

itsnt a media problem as i’ve been using this philips 8x media for about two years and burnt more than 500 of them but just to make sure i’ve tried burning a verbatim dvd+r ( both are CMC E01 i think).

the drive can read dvd’s fine but can’t write.i tried whats suggested here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1378951&postcount=15 but no luck. any ideas…?


That doesn’t guarantee the media are not at fault. Media quality can vary quite a bit over time, even from the same manufacturer. One month you’ll get good media, then the manufactuer has to save money and so the quality of next months production goes down. CMC media especially is know to have a rather wide variance of quality.

That’s usually a bad sign. It could be the laser is on it’s way out and is not strong enough to do writing anymore but still strong enough to do reading.

Try getting a couple of different media (if possible ‘recommended’ ones by Plextor http://www.plextor.com/english/support/media_716.htm ) and try burning with these or run the self test ( http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767#general-defective )

Maybe some clues…

I have about 60 DVD`s frm Verbatim +R 16X, TY made in Japan, and 99% i do have Power error Calibration…

However, my ben q 1640, burn them fine… :a

Also, this same media is referenced by Plextor list as only good, if im not wrong…

But the same media, on Plextor DVD`s, is very Good.

The 716 burn them with no problems :iagree:

Go figure why! :eek:

i’ve done the self test using a Plextor TY and i got the green blinking and the disc wasnt ejected.a dead drive right?

it was a v. good drive. a very sad moment.installed my px-708a and did a burn, at least it still burns! strange it cannot read CDs though…dont know if it can write them but it reads and writes dvd’s correctly.