PX-716A, PlexTools Pro & Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50

When running ScanDisc (Surface scan) in Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50, all sectors are reported as Bad (red) for a blank Verbatim (MCC 004) 16X DVD+R disc (?)
Why would this be? I thought the idea with ScanDisc > Surface scan was to assess new, unused media for its’ quality …

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Sectors don’t exist until they are burned onto the disc, so Scan Disc isn’t what you’re looking for. CD-DVD Speed doesn’t have this function; try running the FE/TE scan under Plextools instead. The final result will clearly indicate if the media can be burned at the highest speed (16X), although most 16X burners (including the 716a) do their best burning at 12X.

Hey ftp1020 … thanks for clearing that up for me … I guess I got the wrong idea from digitalFAQ’s ‘How to detect bad discs with software’ article (2/3 of the way down the page) … they are using older version Nero CD-DVD Speed screen shots as examples, and, after re-reading the article, I can see now where they did describe the use of the ScanDisc test as a ‘READ TEST’ … my bad.

I’ve now looked over my PlexTools Pro pdf documentation (’ … Reference Guide’ seems to be the most in-depth) and have familiarized myself with the Q-Check FE/TE Test procedures … the only thing that I still don’t quite get is how to locate GUI controls to enable (/disable) PowerRec utilization of FE/TE information [when ‘Q-Check FE/TE Test’ is selected in PlexTools Professional 2.32a and the ‘?’ mark button is clicked, an explanatory dialog opens where Plextor finishes up by talking about “PowerRec uses the FE/TE information and will adjust the recording speed automatically (if enabled).”] A search of all the pdf documentation I have from Plextor fails to find the term ‘PowerRec’, although I’ve heard it described in Plextor literature elsewhere many times.
I can’t seem to find it in my PlexTools Pro 2.32a Options > Preferences GUI either. How’d I miss it … so far … I wonder?


PoweRec (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control) is used only when burning.

Here is more info about PoweRec:

Thanks zevia … much obliged! I’ll go and read up!